Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. SBD - The Gov has his team ready to go and we are not even sure they have played their best flag football yet.
  2. NWO - They handled their business all year and now the marshall cup is right in their sights. Time is now.
  3. Bar - Knunz is back and may be the only player that can replace Chica. They are looking really good for playoffs.
  4. Bobbie Miles - They were not ready for the bright lights and big city after all. Good team but not a great team.
  5. Saints - They need all their experience to make a run at the cup. Hammer, D-cost and Skip J. are playing for iPav 
  6. Stallions - C-Rich's health is in the air so everyone needs to step up. Can they just turn it on for the playoffs?
  7. Warriors - They have played average all season but have impact players. Will Dave F. finally win a playoff game?
  8. Patriots - The GM is working harder than the players but the team is finally starting to play to their potential.
  9. Ravens - Surprised they have won 3 games this season. They now have a quality Quarterback in LP so they are ready.
  10. Shockers - They have been entertaining this season. Romo needs to get T.O. the damn ball. Get your popcorn ready!
  11. Fun N Gun - Their team can compete and they are taking defense more serious now. Larry W. is their All-star QB.
  12. USLI - Their sophomore season has been a disappointment but they are tough to beat when the full roster is there.
  13. Outlaws - They have talent but just need to play to their strengths and get a consistent game plan. QB is awesome.
  14. Free Booters - It was a rough week of double header loses but the playoffs are here and the new season now begins.

Week 5 Power Rankings

  1. SBD -  Amazing. The Gov has retooled the franchise with all young players but can he deliver on his campaign promises.
  2. Bobbie Miles - The time has come. Are they ready to make the leap or will they tear their ACL and cry on the couch?
  3. Bar - If any team can continue to win without Chica the Bar can do it. This is definetly their last run at the Marshall Cup.
  4. N.W.O. - Not much of a test this week but they are a top four team. Can capture #1 seed in Playoffs with victory.
  5. Saints - Losing iPav hurts as they were just starting to get back on a roll. Their bench is deep enough to compete.
  6. Fun & Gun - When they come to play they can create matchup problems. They have veteran players with talent.
  7. Ravens - Finally got their core players are just waiting on a QB. Expect a very BIG free agent signing in 2 weeks.
  8. Stallions - The Stallions are losing players as we speak. Does this team really expect to just turn it on come playoffs?
  9. Warriors - The Warriors can play defense but the offfense is all flash and no substance. The no run zone is a problem.
  10. Patriots - They are looking better by trimming the roster. There is no quick fix. Their defense came up short again this week.
  11. Shockers - Finally T.O. gets in the end zone and First Lady throws 2 TDs. Shockers need to use all their snakes in the grass.
  12. USLI - Their QB shuffle hurts them but it looks they are going to be ready come playoffs. They need to get a win in 2 weeks.
  13. Outlaws - With QB Perez in the lineup they are instantely better but the team needs to keep learning from their mistakes.
  14. Free Booters - Their lack of offense production continues to be an issue but their roster is deep and they are geting better.

Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. SBD - Knocked off the Stallions. They are the top team in league to date and are on a collision course with  BMT on the last week of the regular season.
  2. Boobie Miles - Impressive comeback win! There can only be one undefeated team for the regular season this time around. Get your popcorn ready for the last regular season game against SBD.
  3. Bar - Back to their winning ways taking care of business against the Saints.
  4. NWO - Missed an opportunity giving up an 11 point lead, they may not be comfortable with being one of the elite teams in the league.
  5. Stallions - Out of sync, with half of their players stuck on Interstate 76.
  6. Warriors - Like George Jefferson and "Wheezy" moving on up.  It may be time to Rodney Dangerfield them and "give them some respect".
  7. Saints - A league favorite, but seem tocomfortable finishing in the middle of the pack.
  8. USLI - With the regular QB back in the saddle, they will be more competitive.
  9. Patriots - C'Mon, not impressed they beat the Ravens with two starting females and no rush...
  10. Fun & Gun - They are having Fun, but they have no Gun.
  11. Free Booters - It's tough to enter this league and win immediately, "Don't give up, don't you ever give up"!
  12. Shockers - Easily the most spirited team in the league, still missing the Cobra on the field. With the "First Lady" and "Cobra" on the field together they will have the most intense female 1-2 punch in the league, can't wait to see it.  Still waiting for "TO" to step up.
  13. Ravens - Who can be below them in the rankings?  They may be on the edge of collapsing, players are already talking about jumping ship next season.  There is an "I" in quit.
  14. Outlaws - The really need the return of the full time QB.

Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order - They reach the top spot by winning games you are suppose to win. No Excuses.
  2. Silent But Deadly - No real test this week for the green lanterns. Expect the Stallions to break their silence.
  3. Boobie Miles - Winning every week but don't seem like they are having much fun right now. All Business.
  4. Bar - Played as tough as you can play with only 6 but came up short in overtime without team MVP Chuck D.
  5. Stallions - On cruise control right now. Bring your gas masks next week for the Gov and the Hinesman
  6. Saints - Their new quarterback is the ulitmate gunslinger. The Bar better bring 7 or expect a blowout!
  7. Warriors - They have all the players in right spots and underated defense. Their QB played much better.
  8. Fun & Gun - Got their first win of the season. Rafferty and Donovan have come to play this season!
  9. USLI - They have the talent but the QB shuffle is not helping them get better. #53 is a beast in middle!
  10. Patriots - The Patriots offense is going East and West not North and South. Has the GM lost his touch?
  11. Shockers - Missed the Franchise and kept the game close despite all the turnovers. Hot Cobra Shirts!
  12. Free-Booters - Are still getting their ship in order but they have talent and their team will get better.
  13. Outlaws - Young and Innocent. Let's hope Perez can return at QB soon.
  14. Ravens - Young and Young, that will now take the league more serious!

Week 2 Power Rankings


  1. Bar – Not their best showing but until they lose they are the champs.
  2. Silent But Deadly - The Commish predicts they will be 4-0 before their first REAL challenge.
  3. Boobie Miles – Not quite sure the team believes in the first year QB. He is solid but may not be good enough to win them the championship.
  4. New World Order – Kept the overachieving Outlaws in the game too long but stepped up during the last drive. Brandon F. is making a name for himself in sophomore season. 
  5. Stallions - No GM. Winning was no problem with backup veteran QB Scott M. He can start for most teams in the league.
  6. Shockers – Solid franchise that loves playing with each other. Benzo is back rushing and catching balls!
  7. Patriots – Work in progress but they are finally using their Big Men. Kevin F. was a sacking machine.
  8. Saints – Tough loss to the Shockers. Missing iPav and Bo at the slot position. Their QB is a tough as nails.
  9. Fun & Gun – Really coming out there to have a good time, not on the field but on the truck after the game.
  10. Warriors – Their defense will keep them in games. When forced to make throws QB looks dazed and confused.
  11. Free-Booters - First franchise victory is always the toughest to get in this league. Congrats! We expect many more.
  12. Outlaws  - Their QB is a young gun. We expect big things from Perez and Austin. They both are amazing to watch.
  13. USLI - They are playing tough defense and have plenty of talent but just need to play two complete halves of football to win.
  14. Ravens – Return of Sheen did not help. They are beaten and banged up. We predict they will not have a team by Week 5.

Week 1 Power Rankings (2.0)

  1. Bar - Unbeatable. Who is going to beat these guys?
  2. Silent But Deadly - The Governator has reloaded
  3. Boobie Miles - Can the offseason changes make th.em an elite team in this league?
  4. New World Order - These guys are SERIOUS.
  5. Stallions - We are not sure which stallions we are going to see this year.
  6. Patriots - Since they brought Randall Cunningham out of retirement, this team looks a M.A.S.H. Unit that was just thrown together with players running in every direction.
  7. Shockers - Time will tell if they can still strike without Cobra but they have gone to the white house and got the First Lady.
  8. Saints - Hopefully they are no longer the "aints" wearing the old school paper bags.
  9. Warriors - They came out to play with Dave F. back at QB. Is this finally his MVP year?
  10. Ravens - Young bucks playing with a chip on their shoulder.
  11. Fun & Gun - Competitive. They put away the beer and looks like they are going to take this season serious.
  12. Outlaws - Young but may not be ready. Only time will tell.
  13. Free-Booters - This is not your average college coed flag football league. They have been baptized. Welcome to the league!
  14. USLI - We appreciate our corporate sponsors.

Week 1 Power Ranking

  1. Bar
  2. Silent But Deadly
  3. Boobie Miles
  4. New World Order
  5. Stallions
  6. Patriots
  7. Shockers
  8. Saints
  9. Warriors
  10. Ravens
  11. Fun & Gun
  12. Outlaws
  13. Free-Booters
  14. USLI

Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Bar
  2. Silent But Deadly
  3. Stallions
  4. Boobie Miles
  5. Patriots
  6. New World Order
  7. Shockers
  8. Saints
  9. USLI
  10. Outlaws
  11. Fun & Gun
  12. All A Merkins
  13. Warriors
  14. Ravens