Week 6 Power Rankings (2.0)

The Playoff picture is becoming clear. This week's game will determine each teams seeding.

  1. New World Order (7-0) - They have been living on PFF credit. The first bill is due in two weeks.
  2. Silent But Deadly (5-2) - While the Gov is working on shutdown SBD won with tears in their eyes.
  3. Stallions (4-2) - New Gear. New Attitude. No names on Jerseys means everyone is expendable.
  4. Ribhouse (5-2) - Even with Chuck D. back at QB we know they were still short a full rack of ribs.
  5. USLI (3-4) - Every week seems like a new lineup but they will be tough to beat with franchise qb.
  6. Run For Cover (4-2) - The Shirt order finally arrived lets see if they will play as good as they look.
  7. Fun & Gun (5-2) - Looked like the old FNG without Bryan P. Good luck with the power rankings.
  8. Shockers (2-5) - Mall, Cobra and First Lady played with energy and enthusiasm...It's about time!
  9. 1&1 (0-6) - The best 0-6 team you will ever see play. Their DNS switch has finally been activated.
  10. Vikings (2-5) - The true sign of a bad team. They Blame the referees and not their pee wee QB.
  11. Honey Badgers (0-7) - Called in with a forfeit. That is too bad because they were gaining steam.

Week 6 Power Rankings

The Playoff picture is becoming clear. This week's game will determine each teams seeding.

  1. New World Order (7-0)
  2. Silent But Deadly (5-2)
  3. Stallions (4-2)
  4. Ribhouse (5-2)
  5. USLI (3-4)
  6. Run For Cover (4-2)
  7. Fun & Gun (5-2)
  8. Shockers (2-5)
  9. 1&1 (0-6)
  10. Vikings (2-5)
  11. Honey badgers (0-7)

Power Rankings Week 5

  1. New World Order - The Truth! The females are fully integrated into the offense. Beware!
  2. Silent But Deadly - The Government shutdown! The Gov still gets the win with very low staff.
  3. Stallions - No C Rich. No Problem. WOW! Looks like the team was having fun this week.
  4. Ribhouse - Impressive win with only 6 players but cannot keep a consistent roster this year.
  5. Fun & Gun - Unexpected. They take their first loss with the backup QB. Unacceptable.
  6. Run For Cover - When Skeeno the quarterback he makes everyone one around him better.
  7. USLI - They have ultimate franchise QB but need to better utilize their players on offense.
  8. Honey badgers - Continue to push themselves and improve. They play hard every game.
  9. 1&1 - No easy victories in the league but they continue to make strides. Season is not over.
  10. Shockers - Need to be more aggressive on Offense and get those takeaways on defense.
  11. Vikings - Their offense has completely stalled. You can't get better if you blame referees.

Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order– Consensus #1. They have beaten the Best.
  2. Fun 'n Gun – Non-consensus #2 but have not played anyone.
  3. Silent But Deadly – The offense is starting to go bad.
  4. Stallions – No comment. Too sensitive.
  5. Ribhouse – Making strides now without Chuck D.
  6. USLI – Finally generating consistent offense each week.
  7. Shockers – Saw some flashes and sparks against NWO
  8. Run For Cover – No shirts, disorganized and dysfunctional.
  9. Vikings – Started strong but now are fading fast.
  10. Honey – Improved from last season they just need a win.
  11. 1&1 – Stay encouraged. They are couple seasons away.

Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order - They are the best team. Welcome back Phil.
  2. Fun N Gun - Team is finally playing defense. Bryan P. for MVP?
  3. Silent But Deadly - The offense was exposed. No real playmakers.
  4. Ribhouse - Lots of new players with plenty of talent and experience
  5. Stallions - Not playing great right now but are still above average team.
  6. USLI - Messiah is back and delivered the victory! where is his Jersey?
  7. Vikings - Inexperience is showing they have not beat a winning team.
  8. 1&1 - Spice girl package, practices and GM has created a lot of buzz.
  9. Shockers - Finally Win. Shocker nation has to start somewhere.
  10. Honey Badgers - They are not generating enough offense to win.
  11. Run for Cover - No Shirts, No GM, No Leadership right now.

Week 2 Power Rankings

  1. Silent But Deadly - Now that they are winning budget has been approved for new Jerseys. Nice Socks!
  2. New World Order - They have a New World Attitude, We like it. They took care of the Stallions with no apology.
  3. Rib House - With a full roster showing up, they are who will think they are and that is The BAR 2.0
  4. Fun N' Gun - After bailing out on their playoff game last season showing up ready was the least they can do. It is about time.
  5. Stallions - Too much complaining and not committed to arriving on time. This is a new league, different from when they won their two championships. You can't jump out the car and lead you team to a victory, because of the history.
  6. Vikings - It is back to the drawing board after one week and getting shutout. Where was the new QB this week?
  7. Run for Cover - They won, but we are not impressed. When you see their offense in action you will need shelter.
  8. Honey Badgers - New uniforms and great attitude but they need better strategy decisions. On 4th down punt.
  9. USLI - They always play better in the second half but they need to come out ready. Your offense is getting better.
  10. 1&1 - The rookie franchise is going through the growing pains but they have the league’s respect with tough play.
  11. Shockers - Imploding! Can Cobra and Billy the Kid get them back on course? It may be time to hit the waiver wire.

Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. SBD - They are good! No Boobie Miles and Them. This is their Year
  2. N.W.O. - Came back this season with the NWA attitude, we like it.
  3. Stallions - Stacked from the top to bottom and now they are here.
  4. Ribhouse - They are not the Bar but they have the fantastic four.
  5. Vikings - Young but ready to surprise many teams with their speed.
  6. Fun n' Gun - Gunz a blazin and have some surprising new players.
  7. Run Cover - Go hide your wife and kids the GM is back with a new team.
  8. USLI - Show me something. The roster is solid and they have talent.
  9. 1&1 - Showing some positive signs in their first season. Stay Positive.
  10. Honey Badgers - They are working on it but they will get better this year.
  11. Shockers - They got electrocuted with tnew qb. More mall and better gameplan.

Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Rib House
  2. Silent But Deadly
  3. New World Order
  4. Shockers
  5. Fun n' Gun
  6. Vikings
  7. Honey Badgers
  8. 1&1
  9. Run For Cover
  10. Stallions