Week 4

  • Saints (7) vs. Pats (12)
  • Presidents (0) vs. Green. Machine (6)
  • Ravens (33) vs. Stallions (27)
  • Bar (25) vs. Saints (14)
  • SBD (14) vs. F&F (8)
  • Dragons (14) vs. Bar (20)
  • SBD (13) vs. Team America(12)
  • F&F (28) vs. Ravens (33)

Saints (7) vs. Pats (12)

The undefeated Saints and Patriots played tough defense on the primetime field. The Saints were deep in their own territory for most of the first half. Kyle P. Caught the only touchdown of the first half. The score was 6-0. Dave J. ran in his first touchdown of the season to make the score 12-0. The saints battle back and got on the score board in the second half when Mark C. pass to Jack M. The extra point conversion made the score 12-7. The saints were deep in Patriots territory late in the game and failed to score in the redzone.

Presidents (0) vs. Green. Machine (6)

The Green Machine captured their first franchise win with a 6-0 forfeit win over the Ex-Presidents. With a team of only 5 former commander and chiefs on site, the Presidents stayed to play the Green Machine in a scrimmage. The Green Machine scored the first points of the game when QB Eric H. returned an interception for a touchdown. The Ex-Presidents would score before the half to take a 8-6 halftime lead. In the second half, Green Machine WR Rose D kept several drives alive with great catches but non resulted in scores. Bryan H. would score the last point of the scrimmage when he hauled in a 10 yard touchdown.

Ravens (33) vs. Stallions (27)

The Ravens continued their winning streak with 33-27 defeat over the still winless Stallions. Without a female player, the Stallions defense was left stagnant as the Ravens were able to move the football. QB Scott M. threw five touchdown passes in the game as the Ravens jumped out to a 19-13 halftime lead. Female Rookie Taz hauled in her first score of the season. Stallions QB Clarence R. paced the Stallions with a touchdown run and a pass to Kevin F. In the second half, the Ravens controlled the clock to wear down the Stallions defense. The Stallions kept putting on pressure on the Ravens and would tie the game with a Travis M. touchdown catch. The Ravens would seal the game when Mike S. catch a redzone touchdown. Raven Gary D. had two touchdown catches to lead the Ravens.

Bar (25) vs. Saints (14)

Sean D. caught the first touchdown from Larry W. while Eric A. caught the 1 point conversion to take the 7-0.  iPav caught his first touchdown of the season to make the score 7-6. The saints and Bar played tough defense and the score was the same at halftime. In the second half Mark C. connected with Shappelles Show to get the go ahead touchdown to make the score 12-7. Jared B. caught the 2 point conversion and were leading the game 14-7.  A Marcus J. touchdown reception made the score 14-13.  The Saint offense would stop marching and Bar scored the next 2 touchdowns. Despite the failed extra point conversions they to win the game 25-14.

SBD (14) vs. F&F (8)

SBD suffered their first loss of the season with a 14-8 defeat to league champion F&F. In that game with many turnovers, field position was key factor in the game. On the first series, F&F QB Joshua J. threw an interception to Chris S. SBD would capitalize on the mistake as Eric found the scored on 15 yard reception from Dom R. Spring 2001 Champion game MVP Shaeede A. stepped up at end of the first half when intercepted an SBD pass and scored the ensuring touchdown. Loretta P. would add the extra point to send the into halftime tied 8-8. In the second half, Raheem stepped in at QB to reset the F & F offense. After SBD failed to score on their first possession, Shadeed "Cheez" A. found the end zone and tie the score at 8-8. The teams would exchange turnovers on the next two drives. F&F would seal the game with a Brandon J. touchdown reception. Matt W. put constant pressure on the F&F offense as he had 5 sacks in the game.

Dragons (14) vs. Bar (20)

The Bar quarterback Larry W. threw his first two touchdowns to Sean D. and Eric A. to take the 12-0. The dragons offense could not score in the first half and the score at halftime was 12-0. In the second half Stacey threw is first touchdown and 1 point conversion to Walid A. to make the score 12-7. The Dragons defense held tough and tied the game when Jillian N. scored her first career touchdown on a 20 reception. The extra point conversion made the score 14-12. Larry W. connected with Sean D. on a long pass to take the 20-14 lead. Deep in Bar territory with the dragons in the redzone Mike D. intercepted Stacey M. to seal the victory.

SBD (13) vs. Team America (12)

Dom R. threw the first touchdown of the game to Matheuw H. to take the 6-0 lead. Late in the 1st Half Danielle S. threw a 50 yard touchdown pass to sean C. Matt R. recorded 3 sacks and kept pressure on the quarterbacks all game. In the second both defenses played tough. Dom R. threw his second touchdown of the game to Chris S. and Kira D. caught the extra point. The final score was 13-12

F&F (28) vs. Ravens (33)

The Ravens officially completed their franchise overhaul with defeat 33-28 defeat of the Spring 2011 Champions F&F. Both teams battled in their second game of the day, but the Ravens mix of veterans, free agents, and rookies proved too much in the end. On the first drive of the game, the Ravens attacked the F&F defense when Sheen caught a 40 yard bomb to put his team in the redzone. On the next play, Ravens captain Ryan "Big Sexy" K. scored and Gary D. added the extra point. On next two series the teams would exchange interceptions by their QBs. On their third drive, the Ravens jumped out to a 13-0 when Scott M. hit Eric "Sunshine" M. on a 40 yard touchdown pass. Another turnover on downs by F&F set up the Ravens to take a commanding lead. Near the end of the second hand, UMPR veteran Lavelle "T.O" T. ended his long scoring drought on another long pass from Scott M. This gave the Ravens a unexpected 19-0 lead.

In the second half, a shocked F&F regrouped and mounted a comeback. After a QB change, F&F engineered offense for the first time in the game. F&F QB Raheem found the endzone on the first three possessions of the second half when he threw touchdowns passes to Joshua J. , Brandon J., and Andrew J. to give F&F a 21-19 lead. Down but not showing any signs of quitting, the Ravens answered back when rookie Michael S. found the endzone. F&F would hit back again when new F&F female Loretta P. seemingly gave F&F the deciding points. With under two minutes left, Scott M. would drive the Ravens down the field and take the lead when he connected with Gary D. for a score. As the game clock dwindled, F&F quickly put the ball deep into Ravens territory. On 4th down, Brandon L. would catch the ball and attempt to stretch into the endzone but his flag was grabbed just short of the goaline, sealing the 4th straight win for Ravens and snapping a 9 game regular season winning streak for F&F.