Week 4 Power Rankings

1. SBD - Another close call, but they have the will to win!

2. BMT - They may be stronger than their vacated championship run two seasons ago?

3. Bar - Without the Hall of Famer 'Chuck D'., their leadership may be in question.

4. NWO - RG3 went on vacation, no problem. A good bounce back win from the "ass-kicking" they previously received in week 3 against BMT.  Note to self "stay off of Facebook".
5. Fun & Gun - I guess the refs didn't cost them this week's game, huh? They may make some serious noise in the playoffs.

6. Eagles - Hint #1 to become a champ in this league "you can't blame the refs for 3 red zone blunders" Hint #2 to become a champ in this league "you can't blame the refs for 3 red zone blunders". You still have a chance.

7. Mustangs - Bar kept them in the game, but the QB is dynamic. Early contender for Rookie of the Year.

8. Chargers - What are surprise!  A group of free agents looking to win.

9. Black Magic -  Plain and simple, some "Voodoo" may be needed here.

10. Stallions - I guess "boy wonder" aka "Troy Aikman" aka "Storm Miller" couldn't get it done 2 weeks in a row.  Has the league figured him out already?

11. Dragon - Will they be patient with "Baby Cam"? He is "young and so not ready"

12. Warrior - What a nice group.  We will reserve this spot for you until you play the Dragons.

Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. SBD
  2. BMT
  3. Bar
  4. Eagles
  5. Black Magic
  6. NWO
  7. Fun & Gun
  8. Stallions
  9. Mustangs
  10. Chargers
  11. Dragons
  12. Warriors

Week 2 Power Rankings

    1.    SBD - Back to #1 Best team in the league. Will anyone challenge them?
    2.    Bar - Tough to beat when Chuck D. spreads the ball around every play.
    3.    BMT - The dust has finally come off. Expect them to open the playbook.
    4.    NWO - Playing uninspired ball right now. Has GP lost a step? Where is Phil?
    5.    Fun & Gun - With LW.at QB and BP at SD corner the victorys will come easy.
    6.    Eagles - Defense is key to playoff success. Can their offense score enough?
    7.    Black Magic - No Sharif and offense disappeared. Anyone know any tricks?
    8.    Mustangs - Pena will keep them in games. Defense still needs mucho work.
    9.    Stallions - C-Rich out so Cherebini is back! They still have Dev, Flips and lolo!
    10.   Dragons -  QB is traditional, but can play. Too bad the defense scares nobody.
    11.   Chargers - They did not quit like last week. Help has finally arrived for Romo
    12.   Warriors - "0" Points scored all season. Offense is like watching paint dry.

Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. SBD
  2. NWO
  3. Bar
  4. BMT
  5. Black Magic
  6. Eagles
  7. Stallions
  8. Mustangs
  9. Fun & Gun
  10. Warriors
  11. Dragons
  12. Chargers

Preseason Power Rankings

  1. #1 New World Order - They are who we think they are.... "The Champs"! Don't hate on them congratulate them.
  2. #2 SBD - Last season's runner up, The Gov has made one or two key free agent pick ups that could be the difference this season. They were the first to pay the league fee, which means that they couldn't wait to get started, other teams beware.
  3. #3 BAR - Don't call it a comeback! The signing of a disgruntled Jamillah Posey away from the Mighty Stallions was insane. Chica will have some help. League  foes, be afraid!
  4. #4 Eagles - Previously the Niners, previously the Soul, previously the Dolphins, previously the Ravens, previously the Stallions. A talented group of veterans who may finally be mature enough to win it all!
  5. #5 Fun and Gun - They come out to have fun every week, no pun intended. Returning with the leagues defensive MVP they should finish in the top half of the league!
  6. #6 Stallions - No disrespect intended, but other than the Hall of Famer C-Rich who are you? GM Dev and HOF C-Rich may have their work cut out for them with a really young roster.
  7. #7 Warriors - Will they come out to play?  Only time will tell. Good Luck.
  8. #8 Black Magic - Previously league veterans returning to the PFFL.  It's all good, welcome back! They could shift the balance of power, lookout.
  9. #9 Mustang - Young! Excited! Inexperienced! Talented! did I say Young!  We will see shortly what the Mustangs can do.
  10. #10 Dragons - Return of Red Team ! Co-GM Loretta " Lo- Lo" aka "First Lady" along with Joe C. will try to work together on this project. I don't know?
  11. #11 Boobie Miles and Them - Disrespected the league after their championship season by not returning. They will have to work their way up from the bottom and gain back our respect! Let's see what coach Ed has up his sleeve after losing a key player from team to SD.