Week 8 Power Rankings

  1. Bar (9-1) - Take back the number one spot with a victory over New World Order. Can they win their 5th ship?
  2. Abington Eagles (9-2) - Six game winning streak and birds are finally in the same flight pattern. FNG scared.
  3. New World Order (10-1) - Offense looks ordinary with BF at WR. QB shuffle has the house looking messy.
  4. Silent But Deadly (8-3) - SBD is on cruise control with the #1 rusher on bench! Please don't sleep on USLI.
  5. Fun-n-Gun (9-2) - Back-to-Back victories have them ready and for the playoffs. Injuries let eagles off hook
  6. Stallions (6-5) - No Hall of Fame GM or QB but Marc E, Flynn, Bane and Cannon hold it down and go 1-1.
  7. Reapers (5-5) - The offense is the moving ball but T.O. needs more touches. Turnovers are the kiss of death.
  8. Philadelphia Hurricanes (3-7) BAM BAM has returned! Offense is mobile and defense is getting turnovers.
  9. Olney Mustangs (3-8) - Finally put together 2 complete games on both sides of the ball. What took so long?
  10. USLI (4-7) - Mr. Jones back at QB helps stabilize the offense. The stock in USLI may be going back up. Buy!
  11. Limerick Dragons (2-9) - Young legs on offense and best female duo in league. Just get them da damn ball
  12. Lime Berry Blitz (1-10) - Fun and exciting team to watch that never quits. Can they beat a struggling NWO
  13. 1&1 Internet (1-10) - Despite the record they have earned respect. GM Mr. Myers has a plan and will see ROI


Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order (9-0) - Just boosted stats Sunday. Game of the year coming against the Bar
  2. Bar (7-1) - Tale of 2 halves. Viper Injury derailed his TD pace but all their players stepped up.
  3. Abington Eagles (7-2) - First team to play 3 games in one day. A+ complete team that is ready
  4. Fun-n-Gun (7-2) - Bryan P sent his team out there without much ammo. Missed Moxon at QB.
  5. Silent But Deadly (6-3) - Team was not radioactive with old school players. Good to see Tully!
  6. Stallions (5-4) - Offense can score but the defense is missing playmakers. Need Interceptions
  7. Reapers (5-3) - Defense has  risen from the dead and put offense in short field positions to score
  8. USLI (3-6) - Losing all the big games this year. 3 different QBs this season has not help them win.
  9. Limerick Dragons (2-6) - QB always looking for big play. Take what the defense is giving you.
  10. Olney Mustangs (2-7) - Teams are not afraid of the offense because the defense can't get stops
  11. Philadelphia Hurricanes (2-7) - Finally ended their 6 game losing streak. Is the storm finally over?
  12. Lime Berry Blitz (1-8) - 1st victory in the league. First one is the hardest to win. Congratulations!
  13. 1&1 Internet (1-8) - The team has come a long way. They most likely will play Lime Berry Blitz again.

Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order (7-0) - Working on Redzone efficiency and new defensive formations for the playoffs.
  2. Fun-n-Gun (6-1) - They are the team to watch right now. Game against Reapers was an instant classic!
  3. Bar (5-1) - Chuck D. on pace for 70 Tds! Now Vato and Fee are rushing! QB's Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  4. Abington Eagles (4-2) - Barely had to get feet off ground against Mustangs. Is Offense ok without toolbox?
  5. Reapers (4-2) - Amazing game against FNG. What happens on field stays on field. Can they rebound?
  6. Silent But Deadly (5-2) - Granfort is on pace for 40 sacks! Gov knows that Defense wins championships!
  7. Stallions (3-4) - Johnny Norton gone and left the orange headbands. Flynn is now the Stallions #1 WR
  8. USLI (3-4) - QB carousel continued against Bar. Defense was a liability and their offense never recovered.
  9. Limerick Dragons (2-4) - Justin resurrected the Dragons and Leon's career. He may be the GM of the year?
  10. Olney Mustangs (2-5) - First team to play without a female all year. Not enough players on roster to win.
  11. Philadelphia Hurricanes (1-6) - There is light at the end of the tunnel. Bam Bam is back for the Playoffs!
  12. Internet (1-6) - Could not get on scoreboard but kept the offensive drives moving with return of spice world
  13. Lime Berry Blitz (0-6) - Fought back hard against the Dragons. Teamwork has gotten better every week.

Week 5 Power Rankings

  1. New World Order (5-0) - They passed 2 tough tests. It has been slow road back to the top!
  2. Fun-n-Gun (5-1) - Stock has been by rising every week. Good QB, rusher and defense is key
  3. Bar (4-1) - They just keep winning and they have a system that works. Chuck D. has 30 Tds!
  4. Abington Eagles (3-2) - Do not let the 2 losses fool you they are still a very dangerous team
  5. Reapers (4-1) - The new uniforms looks as good as their offense with their new deep ball theat
  6. Silent But Deadly (4-2) - Granfort went HAM and shot down the eagles. Is he the league MVP?
  7. Stallions (3-3) - C-Rich and K Flynn are on the same and that is putting ALL defenses on notice.
  8. USLI (3-3) - The QB shuffle makes it tough to get a roll on offense but they keep the games close.
  9. Olney Mustangs (2-4) - NWO rushed 2 at the QB and caused confusion. Expectations too high?
  10. Limerick Dragons (2-4) - The talent is there but they just need to more games together as a team.
  11. Lime Berry Blitz (1-4) - Tough loss to Bar but they will be back to normal this week with full roster.
  12. Internet (1-5) - The defense was not a pushover against the Reapers but the offense needs a spark.
  13. Philadelphia Hurricanes (1-5) - The offense is starting to get on a roll. El Nino will get them ready.

Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. Abington Eagles (3-0) - To be the best you have to beat the best! Take the top spot with impressive win over Bar. Offense still struggles in the red zone but defense wins game.
  2. New World Order (3-0) - Rolled over the Dragons and seems to get better every week. RG3 and U-Cole are the dynamic duo.
  3. Bar (3-1) – Lost hard fought game against the Eagles. Missing league’s best receiver and rusher proved to be the difference.
  4. Fun-n-Gun (4-1) - The shutdown corner has made defense the priority. Now a consistent top four team ready to make a run.
  5. Reapers (3-1) - Center has 7 Tds but the offense lacks a consistent deep ball threat. Is T.O. now over the hill?
  6. Silent But Deadly (3-2) - Gov is running his team on a tight budget. They cannot seem to beat the top teams anymore. Eagles are next test.
  7. Olney Mustangs (2-3) - 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards. The team is on a roller coaster every week. How much for a ride?
  8. USLI (2-2) - The new QB is taking his lumps, but learning on the job. What is the insurance plan if he can't get it done every week.
  9. Stallions (1-3) - Hard to believe this was their first victory, but come playoff time they will be ready with 3 "over the hill ?"Hall of Famers on roster.
  10. Limerick Dragons (1-3) - New location did not improve the offense, but the franchise was back under center. Welcome Back Romo!
  11. Lime Berry Blitz (0-4) - Added depth to the roster and continue to fight through the growing pains. QB is a difference maker on both sides of the ball.
  12. 1&1 Internet (1-4) - Working hard to get the offense online. Need to get a rusher that can disrupt QB.
  13. hiladelphia Hurricanes (1-3) Offense is a quiet Storm without QB. "Senior Leadership" will turn it around. Family and Friends (F&F) need to stop arguing on the sidelines

Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. Bar (3-0) - What you see is what you get. Silky has an edge to him and he is taking no prisoners....Teams will have to play A perfect game to beat them
  2. Abington Eagles (2-0) - Unofficial Bye week. Let's hope they are working on some new uniforms. Is this their year?
  3. New World Order (2-0) - Blew off PFF Eagles to see the REAL Eagles. We don't like forfeits in this league. Will PFF reschedule game? Commissioner rules "No".
  4. Fun-n-Gun (2-1) - With Moxon at QB, they have quietly become one of the most stable franchises
  5. Olney Mustangs (2-2) - Getting SWAG points.Offense is back on track. QB is finally spreading the ball around to WRs
  6. Reapers (2-1) - Winning the games they are suppose to but still falling asleep during the 2nd Half
  7. Silent But Deadly (2-2) - No real test to get to. 500. Will Gov's new offense be ready for playoffs?
  8. USLI  (2-1) - New QB is learning on the fly. Defense let the Mustangs offense run wild last week.
  9. Stallions (0-3) - They have an explosive offensive but all the top teams have exposed the defense. These aren't the Glory Days for sure...
  10. Limerick Dragons (1-2) - QB shuffle does not help their receivers get better. The predator is back!
  11. 1&1 Internet (1-3) - Falling behind early does not help but the GM is teaching the team how to win.
  12. Lime Berry Blitz (0-3) - Warning: Their female players will create problems for opposing defenses.
  13. Philadelphia Hurricanes (1-2) - The El Nino storm arrived, calm down! The U! has dropped 2 straight. When does QB Bam Bam return? They will be fine come playoff time.

Week 2 Power Rankings

  1. Bar (2-0) - No Bub. No Fee. Their backups keep them on the top. How long can this continue?
  2. New World Order (2-0) - RGIII can throw short or deep on any play. Urias is the Sproles of PFF
  3. Fun-n-Gun (1-1) - The return of the self proclaimed shutdown corner. Are they ready for next step?
  4. Abington Eagles (2-0) - Not much of a test this week. They are all smiles and giggles when winning.
  5. USLI  (2-0) - They have the best rotation in the league and keep their players fresh. uh oh! look out!
  6. Stallions (0-2) - They need to play a good first half. The team does not seem awake until 9:30am
  7. Silent But Deadly (0-2) - The offense seems sluggish but their female players keep them in games.
  8. Olney Mustangs (1-2) - Back on track but you can't win big games without involving ALL your players
  9. 1&1 Internet (1-2) - First Win! Smaller roster has paid huge dividends. Do not sleep on their defense.
  10. Philadelphia Hurricanes (1-1) - 1&1 shutdown their web service but there is a major Storm coming..
  11. Limerick Dragons (1-1) - Tough loss to USLI. Offense need consistency from the QB in the redzone.
  12. Reapers (1-1) - The quarterback is taking way too many sacks and receivers not in sync. Awkward
  13. Lime Berry Blitz (0-2) - They have talent and are learning the rules. Their female players are dynamic!

Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. Bar - Continue to dominate and beat whoever is front of them. It is going to be a long season.
  2. New World Order - Offense has lost explosiveness yet still make plays when it matters most. 
  3. Abington Eagles - Game was closer than it needed because of their redzone playbook.
  4. Fun-n-Gun - Same problems as last season....Can't win without ALL your players on field.
  5. Silent But Deadly - They had enough chances to win. Has SBD ever beaten the Bar?
  6. Philadelphia Hurricanes - El Nino won first franchise game with $5 shirts from Walmart. 
  7. USLI - All hands are on deck and they have plenty of weapons. The Messiah will return.
  8. Stallions - Their defense will keep them in games, but can the offense get on track?
  9. Limerick Dragons - Very YOUNG team but have veteran talent to get wins this season.
  10. Reapers - Even though Mustangs were not a challenge they need to play at a higher level
  11. 1&1 Internet - Continue to improve and have started to play tough defense to stay in games.
  12. Lime Berry Blitz - Tough opening day game without a full roster. The game will slow down.
  13. Olney Mustangs - How is that they looked worse than last season? Nice uniforms though...!


Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Bar - Champs!!
  2. New World Order - 2nd Best!
  3. Abington Eagles - This may be their year?
  4. Silent But Deadly - With some major players not returning it could be a mediocre year, but they still have the Gov.
  5. Fun-n-Gun - They may make a deep run into the playoffs.
  6. Olney Mustangs - Focused. Did you see their New Uniforms? WOW!
  7. USLI - Welcome Back!
  8. Stallions - C-Rich is back. Will it be enough?
  9. Reapers - Name changes don't work in this league, we know who you are...
  10. 1&1 Internet - Things are looking up.
  11. Lime Berry Blitz - Welcome and Good Luck!
  12. Limerick Dragons - You know what usually happens with expansion teams.
  13. Philadelphia Hurricanes - El Nino has Risen!