Week 9 Power Rankings


Last Week Team
#1 The Bar: 18-0 1
#2 SBD: They are Back! 2
#3 F&F: Fast & Furious 4
#4 Stallions: Youth Movement 3
#5 Niners: Where is Freddie? 5
#6 Dragons: Punt! 6
#7 Team America: Be Careful 7
#8 Patriots: New QB 10
#9 Warriors: Still Fighting 10
#10 Heat: Keep it together 9
#11 Ravens: Signs of Life 11


Week 8 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar: Massacred the Patriots 1
#2 SBD:  Find a way to win 2
#3 Stallions: Got help with the bye week 4
#4 F&F: Game ball goes to "Big Momma" 5
#5 Niners: Lost without leadership 3
#6 Dragons: Win in a forfeit 6
#7 Team America: Comeback attempt to little to late. 7
#8 Warriors: Finally understanding the league. 9
#9 Heat: QB one of leagues top promoters but stop blaming the referees. 10
#10 Patriots: They stunk up the place and drove the fans away! 8
#11  Ravens: Must have given up! 11


Week 7 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar: The "Warriors", the "referees", and a  "hangover" could not stop the Bar.They keep rolling! Thanks for showing up Viper! 1
#2 SBD: Silent in the first half, but Deadly in the second half. A horse that was put to sleep is all the evidence we need. We may be looking at a BAR vs. SBD title game. Please league don't worry there will be plenty of security! 2
#3 49ers: 49ers - Even without their captain "Steady Freddie", the "PRITZESS" cruise ship keeps on sailing. 4
#4 Stallions: Stallions - Tough loss this week. If it wasn't for their three losses , they would be undefeated. Has "outside the lines" been cancelled? 3
#5 Friends & Family: Friends and Family -  It was a reunion, "friends and family" finally got together and cancelled their Patriot PECO bill. 7
#6 Dragons: Dragons - Despite the tough loss, the Dragons are still breathing fire 6
#7 Team America: They assassinated Bin Laden and the Ravens in Operation Freedom. The game was technically over before the Ravens showed up for the forfeit. 8
#8 Patriots: Another loss might have QB Hank Brown shopping for his third team this season. Who's playing QB Hank Brown or Hank Baskett? A word of advise regarding the play calling (K.I.S.S.) Keep it Simple Studs. 5
#9 Warriors: They finally coming out to play! 10
#10 Heat:  Has the three weeks off put them on simmer ? They could use the time to get healthy. Stay tuned... 9
#11  Ravens: Ravens - They still can run the table and stay winless. 11


Week 6 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar, The league can breathe a bit earlier they were on a "bye week". 1
#2 SBD: There is a correlation of when they win; the refereeing is great! When the lose they call and emergency meeting with the league. Go figure, you can't deny them like the Jeffersons they are "moving on up". 3
#3 Stallions: The 49ers pregame show got them "fired up". Beware of those mighty Stallions. Focused. 5
#4 49ers: Maybe they should have saved the "pony express show" for the post game. Still tough 2
#5 Patriots: They can't referee and play. Pick one and stick with it. Their players know the rule book better than the playbook. 4
#6 Dragons, Held on for "dear life". A schizophrenic team. Slow and steady along with staying positive are helping them. 6
#7 Friends & Family: The "friends" won without the "family". Starting QB bails out! 7
#8 Team America: Showing signs of a recovery, like the economy. 9
#9 Heat: Depleting roster. All interested players inquire within. 8
#10 Warriors: Keep playing hard. Something good wil come out of this. 10
#11  Ravens, The will have it together by the playoffs. Key free agent pick up, might have added the leadership that was needed. 11



Week 5 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar, Let's just say UMPR dynasty! Will they ever lose? 1
#2 49ers, As stated previously, they might be the only team left that can beat The Bar. Their aggressiveness in the "off season" and free agency is paying off.  Playing the rookies and sitting the veterans. 2
#3 SBD, Glimpses of the SBD of old before The Bar entered the league. 4
#4 Patriots, No GM-No Problem! Platooning the QB's, new defensive schemes and creative play calling seems to be working. 5
#5 Stallions, A few costly mistakes, still a force in the league. 3
#6 Dragons, Dragons, Great team in the bye week. Great grilling, Thanks! 6
#7 F & F, Focusing more on the field and not the mistakes of their QB and the refs will definitely help them.  This is no "powder puff" league as previously stated in the pre-season prior to joining. The PFF Gods must have heard and are unforgiving. Was the pre-season #1 ranking by Gordon G a mistake? 7
#8 Heat,  Their roster is filled with talent, now changing the QB. We wil see.... 8
#9 Team America, Settling for not winning. 6
#10 Warriors, Solid play today. Who did they play? 11
#11  Ravens, No show, maybe the youngest team in the league has thrown in the towel. 10


Week 4 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar, They just keep winning 1
#2 49ers, They might be the only team left that can upset "the Bar" 2
#3 Stallions, Returning to championship form. 4
#4 SBD, Tough lost, the youngsters got into their head. 3
#5 Patriots, The comeback kids. 7
#6 Dragons, Finding themselves. 9
#7 F & F, The preseason ranking of #1 has them on everyone's hit list. 5
#8 Heat,  Still learning the rule book 8
#9 Team America, Will the real team america please stand up. 6
#10 Ravens, The bye week is the best thing that could have happened. 11
#11  Warriors,They take a licking, but keep on kicking. 10


Week 3 Power Rankings


Week 3 Rankings Last Week
1. The Bar 2
2. 49ers 4
3. SBD 3
4. Stallions 5
5. F&F 1
6. Team America 6
7. Patriots 8
8. Heat 10
9. Dragons 7
10. Warriors 9
11. Ravens 11


Week 2 Power Rankings


Week 2 Rankings Last Week
1. F&F 1
2. The Bar 2
3. SBD 3
4. 49ers 5
5. Stallions 6
6. Team America 8
7. Dragons 9
8. Patriots 4
9. Warriors 11
10. Heat 10
11. Ravens 7


Week 1 Power Rankings

1. F & F
2. The Bar
3. SBD
4. Patriots
6. Stallions
7 Ravens
8.Team America
9. Dragons
10. Heat
11. Warriors