Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. F & F: The Fast & Furious (Last week #1)
  2. Bar: Happy Hour (Last week #4)
  3. SBD: Strong (Last week #6)
  4. Ravens: Young Gunz (Last week #2)
  5. Patriots: In Turmoil (Last week #3)
  6. Dragons: Persistent (Last week #5)
  7. Saints: Looking good (Last week #8)
  8. Stallions:  Moving on Up (Last week 9)
  9. America: Middle of the Road (Last week #7)
  10. Green Machine: Playing Hard (Last week #11)
  11. Ex-Presidents: Not Present (Last week #10)

Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. F & F: They are running a tab at the Bar’s expense. They may have their number. (Last week #3)
  2. Ravens: Some inexperienced players,but plenty of talent.. (Last week #2)
  3. Patriots: Too many head cases! Paging Dr. Greg. (Last week #1)
  4. Bar: Their franchise would be undefeated if not for F & F. (Last week #4)
  5. Dragons: This could be the turning point in their season. (Last week 9)
  6. SBD: Dr. Jeckyll  and Mr. Hyde. Will the real SBD please stand up. (Last week #5)
  7. Team America: New QB again, but plenty of weapons to win every week. (Last week #7)
  8. Saints: Showing progress, right now toughest team to beat. (Last week #6)
  9. Stallions:  The weapons are there, but they need better defense. (Last week #8)
  10. Ex-Presidents: Nothing special about their play. They need a spark. (Last week #10)
  11. Green Machine: This machine may need WD-40 to get cranking. (Last week #11)

Week 5 Power Rankings

  1. Patriots – It took a Hail Mary to win but they won. WOW  (Last week #1)
  2. Ravens – Spoile the return of Revis! Next time knock it down!  (Last week #2)
  3. F&F – Some family took the week off and did not skip a beat  (Last week #4)
  4. Bar – Viper was back in command and Silkly missed you!  (Last week #5)
  5. SBD – The offensive production is slowly down. Gov ok?  (Last week #3)
  6. Saints – Consistency on both sides keeps them marching.  (Last week #6)
  7. Team America – Trying to get the stars and stripes flying  (Last week #7)
  8. Stallions – The Blue and Orange is back! How y'all feel?!  (Last week #9)
  9. Dragons – Lost some of their fire this week but will rebound  (Last week #8)
  10. Ex-Presidents – Showed proof of life. Where is the GM?  (Last week #11)
  11. Green Machine – Tough lose this week need to recircuit  (Last week #10)

Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. Patriots - They are finding a way to win! (Last week #2)
  2. Ravens - These aren't your Daddy's Raven (Last week #6)
  3. SBD - Tough lost but still a force to be reckon with (Last week #1)
  4. F&F - It's not about the refs. Play Football! (Last week #3)
  5. Bar - No Viper. No Greg, No Bryan - No Problem  (Last week #4)
  6. Saints - On a 3 Game Skid  (Last week #5)
  7. Team America - They look really good at times (Last week #7)
  8. Dragons - Need to address their QB situation (Last week #8)
  9. Stallions - Our runners up from last season still rebuilding (Last week #9)
  10. Green Machine: - A win, is a win, is a win!  (Last week #10)
  11. Ex-Presidents: - In a state of emergency (Last week #11)

Week 3 - Power Rankings

  1. SBD: Impressive on offense and defense will be tought to beat (Last week #1)
  2. Patriots: They are just that good and focused on the prize! (Last week #2)
  3. F & F: Attention! Their female has arrived! Hide Yo Husbands! (Last week #3)
  4. The Bar: Soft part of schedule is over...now the real games begin  (Last week #4)
  5. Saints: Hammer could not turn this mutha out this week.  (Last week #5)
  6. Ravens: Finally getting better but have not been tested yet. (Last week #6)
  7. Team America: Tons of weapons but too inconsistent to win (Last week #7)
  8. Dragons: Last minute comeback has finally ignited their fire. (Last week #9)
  9. Stallions: Struggling to keep horses in the stables. Where's twitter? (Last week #8)
  10. Green Machine: Offense is starting to make plays and cash in! (Last week #10)
  11. Ex-Presidents: Despite the 2 losses Utah is unstoppable at safety (Last week #11)

Week 2 - Power Rankings

  1. SBD: In Stealth Mode, they are playing at top form. (Last week #1)
  2. Patriots: a.k.a Patriot Nation, Hard to beat with their experience (Last week #2)
  3. F&F: The Champ is still here, playing tough with only 6 players (Last week #3)
  4. The Bar: On road to redemption? Building a winning tradition. (Last week #4)
  5. Saints: Too Legit to Quit, Hammer has the team focused (Last week #5)
  6. Ravens: Back to back wins!!, This is Big Sexy's team now! (Last week #7)
  7. Team America: Need Stabilization plan, Have played consistent and it shows (Last week #6)
  8. Stallions: Their receivers are starting to emerge but miss Megatron. (Last week #10)
  9. Dragons: Not breathing fire yet, Not enough offense to win (Last week #8)
  10. Green Machine: Investing in their future, Played tough games this week. Getting on Track. (Last week #11)
  11. Ex-Presidents: Still in the "0"val office, Lost a tough one to the Ravens (Last week #9)

Week 1 - Power Rankings

  1. SBD: Locked in and Loaded with the Governator (last week #3)
  2. Patriots:  The Dream Team avoided a nightmare, They better Wake Up! (last week #1
  3. Friends & Family: Still the Champs, at least for now. (last week #2)
  4. The Bar: The Jury is still out on the roster changes? (last week #4)
  5. Saints: Can't Touch this! with the Hammer (last week #5)
  6. Team America: A Class Act all the way...... (last week #7)
  7. Ravens:  Learning to fly with Kevin Flynn (last week #6)
  8. Dragon: Signs of Life with the First Lady (last week #9)
  9. Ex Presidents: The cabinet is assembled and ready to go... (last week #10)
  10. Stallions: C Rich$ will right the ship (last week #11)
  11. Green Machine: Tons of Talent, they will improve. (last week #8)
  12.  Heat:  The pilot light is almost out (last week #12)

Fall 2011 Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Patriots - The Dream Team?
  2. Friends and Family - A little less family and a little more friends
  3. SBD - The Governator is back retooled and ready to go
  4. The Bar - The Viper is back, where is "G"?
  5. Saints - Please "Hammer" don't hurt em'!
  6. Ravens - "These ain't your daddy's Ravens
  7. Team America - Stars and Stripes Forever
  8. Green Machine - All systems checked and ready to go!
  9. The Dragons - One last breath
  10. Ex-Presidents - AKA The Dead Presidents
  11. The Stallions - Show me the $Money$
  12. Heat  -  Looking for a spark