Spring 2011 Season Preview

The Bar
(Fall 2010 Champions)
The Bar have youth, teamwork, speed, chemistry and excellent female players. The only team that can beat The Bar is The Bar.

Silent But Deadly
(Spring 2010 Champions)
Injuries left the Spring champions unable to defend their title. A healthy QB and roster will get them back in the hunt.

(Spring & Fall 2009 Champions)
The Stallions are back! but need better production from offense. They were one catch away from Super Flag Bowl V.

The Patriots
3 straight Super Flag Bowl defeats have them looking for free agents and a starting QB. Their GM will bring in the talent.

The Niners
The Niners not only need to start strong but finish strong to make the Super Flag Bowl. This may be their breakout year.

Dragons now have a franchise QB and good mix of veteran players. Lots of talent but can they keep their fire burning?

Team America
Team America had a tough first season but now with experience and tons of talent they look ready to compete for the Cup

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The Final Four of Philadelphia Flag Football

The Past, Present and Future  - This final four tournament unifies the UMPR co-ed flag football Championship. The argument will be settled as to who is the best of all-time. The last 5 league champions and #1 preseason ranked team are represented. 3 out of the 4 remaining teams already have their names on the coveted Marshall Cup.  Good Luck!