Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. STALLIONS (NFFC) - Continue to gallop over teams.
  2. BAR (AFFC) - Rebound from first loss as expected.
  3. F&F (NFFC) - Best game they played this season.
  4. SBD (AFFC) - Tough loss to Stallions in final minutes.
  5. B.M.T. (NFFC) - Finally starting to look like elite team.
  6. N.W.O. (AFFC) - They beat the teams they should beat.
  7. F&G (NFCC) - Not enough defense to beat elite teams.
  8. SAINTS - Welcome Back Double Me! we missed you!
  9. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Every week has been a struggle.
  10. USLI (IFFC) - Class team that brings intensity every week.
  11. CHARGERS (NFFC) - Toolbox+New Recruits= First Win
  12. TAKEOVER (AFFC) - BIG is on IR and they miss his size
  13. SOUL (AFFC) - Their core players are missing. Need a QB


  1. STALLIONS (NFFC) - GM has gone all in this year to win. Officially Back!
  2. SBD (AFFC) - The Gov is back in office with win over F&F. Can they get some respect?
  3. BAR (AFFC) - Tough loss. They lose for the first time ever to Stallions. Silky for MVP.
  4. F&F (NFFC) - Not prepared this week to play. Now it's a 4 team race.
  5. FUN & GUN (NFCC) - They are playing as tough as gun control
  6. B.M.T. (NFFC) - We expect them to win their remaining games.
  7. N.W.O. (AFFC) - They take aforfeit loss but still move up a spot
  8. USLI (IFFC) - Their new quarterback needs to play ever week
  9. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Not much of a test this week but they win
  10. SAINTS (AFFC) - The Hammer will not let them quit on season
  11. TAKEOVER (AFFC) - They have come crashing back down to earth
  12. CHARGERS (NFFC) - Players off the waiver wire should help.
  13. SOUL (AFFC) - They need a consistent quarterback each week


Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. BAR (AFFC) - Dominate SBD without Dono the fastest man
  2. F&F (NFFC) - They are ready to play for the #1 spot.
  3. STALLIONS (NFFC) - Hungry for their third championship.
  4. SBD (AFFC) - Not enough speed to beat faster teams.
  5. TAKEOVER (AFFC) - Still a top five team despite loss.
  6. NWO (AFFC) - There defense will keep them in games.
  7. FUN & GUN (NFCC) - Shaken the rust off and it shows
  8. BMT (NFFC) - They are who the league thought they were
  9. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Roles players are making plays
  10. SAINTS (AFFC) - Getter better but miss the "3 amigos"
  11. USLI (IFFC) - They play hard and have good female players.
  12. SOUL (AFFC) - Play better when Casey is prime target.
  13. CHARGERS (NFFC) - Team continues to lose key players

Week 3

  1. SBD (AFFC) - Never ready in first games
  2. BAR (AFFC) - Complete Team. Tough to Beat.
  3. F&F (NFFC) -  Taking regular season serious
  4. STALLIONS (NFFC) - Fastest team in the league
  5. TAKEOVER (AFFC) -  Finally learning how to finish
  6. BMT (NFFC) - Time to see if they are for real.
  7. NWO (AFFC) - Bounce back but still not enough
  8. FUN & GUN (NFFCC) - Not enough bullets in chamber
  9. SAINTS (AFFC) - Do they really miss iPav that much?
  10. SHOCKERS - Still celebrating from last season
  11. USLI - New QB will give them the spark they need.
  12. SOUL (AFFC) - Young players not give up just yet
  13. CHARGERS (NFFC) - Need to solidfy the roster quick

Week 2

  1. SBD (AFFC) - Still #1. Their Spot to lose
  2. BAR (AFFC) - Brought NWO back to earth.
  3. F&F (NFFC)  - Welcome back Dave J. aka A.I.
  4. STALLIONS (NFFC) – Running Young and Wild
  5. BMT (NFFC- Showed off their firepower this week.
  6. TAKEOVER (AFFC - Confidence beginning to trinkle
  7. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Tough lose still spit venom
  8. FUN & GUN (NFFCC) - Weapons missing target
  9. NWO (AFFC) - The Bar set the standard for them
  10. SAINTS (AFFC) - Hammer needs to be back at QB
  11. USLI (IFFC) - New franchise with plenty of talent
  12. CHARGERS (NFFC - They will play tough all season
  13. SOUL (AFFC) - Can compete when they are focused


Week 1

  1. SBD (AFFC) - Nice Jerseys. Can they break the curse?
  2. BAR (AFFC) - The Gold Standard of the League right now
  3. F&F (NFFC)  - Paid in Full and ready to return to the top.
  4. NWO (AFFC) – Be Afraid. Be very afraid. They are Loaded.
  5. FUN & GUN (NFFC) - Showed off their firepower this week.
  6. BMT (NFFC) - They are for real and play like Boobie
  7. SAINTS (AFFC) - No iPav = No Offense. Looked Lost.
  8. STALLIONS (NFFC) - Always get off to a slow start
  9. TAKEOVER (AFFC) - New roster is more...Hostile
  10. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Were not ready to play this week.
  11. USLI BULLDOGS (IFFC) - Impressive debut against NWO
  12. SOUL (AFFC) - They have plenty of talent but need a plan.
  13. CHARGERS (NFFC) - 2nd oldest franchise is here to stay.


  1. SBD (AFFC) - Gov with New Weapons at Wideout
  2. BAR (AFFC) - They are always Locked and Loaded
  3. SHOCKERS (NFFC) - Last season was no fluke
  4. F&F (NFFC)  - Are you ready for a Family Reunion?
  5. SAINTS (AFFC) - Is new QB better than Hammer?
  6. STALLIONS (NFFC) - CRich and the Wild stallions
  7. NEW WORLD ORDER (AFFC) – Ready to win now
  9. TAKEOVER (AFFC) - New roster has more experience
  10. SOUL (AFFC) - Good healthy mix of Youth and Veterans
  11. FUN & GUN (NFFC) - Only seen Big Cat and The Mayor
  12. CHARGERS (NFFC) - Team will get better every week.