Fall 2012 Week 6 Scores and Higlights

10/15/2012 11:10


Week 6 Scores and Highlights

Boobie Miles (60) vs. Soul (8)

The Soul continues to struggle and was missing their core players this week. Their quarterback issues continue to be their biggest problem. Boobie Miles will finish above .500 and will be a tough to team to beat when the playoffs begin. Boobie has a found their pass rusher who recorded 5 sacks during the game.

Fun and Gun (12) vs. Bar (56)

The Bar was ready to rebound after their first loss to the Stallions. The league's fastest man was missing again but their offense was still ready to go. The Fun & Gun defense was not able to put much pressure on Chuck D. and he found open receivers all game. Fun & Gun fell behind and never got back in the game..

F&F (18) vs. Saints (6)

The Saints are picking up speed after a slow start. They continue to need help at Wide receiver and make a transition at Quarterback. Their games are always intense. The Saints made the final turnover that cost them a victory. Family and Friends’ last minute interception secured the victory as they continue to win.

Stallions (13) vs. SBD (12)

This game is one of the league's oldest matchups. A classic rivalry that had both teams ready to play. Clarence R. and The Gov both know each other well at the quarterback position. It was a defensive battle that came down to the final possession for the Stallions to get the second win in a row and secure the victory.

Chargers (25) vs. Takeover (6)

The Chargers have revamped their roster and now have the players to compete. They have speed and experience on offense. The Toolbox has finally found a team that could use her. She is healthy and ready to help a team win in the playoffs. Takeover played better this week but they are not consistent every week.

Shockers (12) vs. New World Order (18)

Shockers are getting back to form and faced a rested New World Order. Their captain has the team organized but they struggle in the redzone. The Shockers control the clock with their running Quarterback but the real T.O. is having his best season. The shockers are missing a shutdown corner on defense..

Shockers (18) vs. USLI (12)

USLI honored breast cancer month by wearing pink this week against the Shockers. The Shockers were focused and played tough defense. Both teams need to improve in the redzone and make better adjustments on defense. Also a consistent healthy roster and pass rushing will be the key to victory for both teams.