Fall 2012 Week 5 Scores and Highlights

10/08/2012 07:17

Week 5

Boobie Miles (6) vs. New World Order (0)

Boobie miles wins this game by forfeit. They move to 3-3 and they are who we thought they were at this point in the season. New World Order lose an opportunity to play another roookie franchise and test their team. N.O.W. will be ready next week but they are running out of time because the playoffs will start soon.

Chargers (12) vs. Saints (46)

The Saints are looking to have a better second half of the season. The Saints have a tough final stretch of games but their offense looked much better. The chargers have not been able to generate much offense but this game they showed improvement. Their new players will have an immediate impact on the team.

F&F (26) vs. SBD (33)

Family and Friends came out slow and fell behind 2 touchdowns. The Gov played great from the start and F&F could never recover. Craig caught 2 touchdowns and had important sacks. The F&F defense missed B Luva. Silent But Deadly took shots deep down the field and found open spots. SBD is back in the race.

Stallions (12) vs. Bar (7)

The game of the week showcase the 2 winningest franchises and quarterbacks. Points were at a premium and tough defense was being played all game. The Bar missed silky in the middle of the field and The Stallions receivers were too much for the Bar defense. That stallions have gotten back to #1 in rankings.

Fun and Gun (33) vs. Takeover (13)

Fun and Gun receivers are starting to emerge and find their roles. The quarterbacks were the key to both teams in this game. Fun & Gun offense picked apart the Takeover defense. Takeover problems come from inconsistent offense and lackluster defense. They need major adjustments before the playoffs.

Shockers (33) vs. Soul (0)

Shockers still have not assembled the same team from last season. They moved the chains this game from their running quarterback.  The Soul continue to play hard despite their quartback issues. The Soul were able to get in the redzone by spreading the ball around but need more speed to score touchdowns.

USLI (32) vs. Takeover (0)

USLI has solved their quarterback problems and are starting to emerge before the playoffs. USLI has excellent female receivers that most of the league has not seen play. Takeover never recovered from the Fun and Gun loss. There defense needs more turnovers and they missed "shutdown" at cornerback.