Fall 2012 Week 4 Scores and Highlights

10/01/2012 20:48

Fall 2012 Week 4 Results


Shockers (24) vs. Fun & Gun (26)

Shockers are starting to return and realized that you don't win games on reputation. Joe C. is holding down the middle and The Ghost is starting to contribute on both sides of the ball and still came up short. Fun and Gun's Greg K., The Mayor and Big Cat are in game shape and will be tough to beat.

Chargers (0) vs. Shockers (32)

The Shockers took care of business and are now on a two game winning streak. The Chargers proved how hard it is to play with only six players. The commish may need to step in and takeover the roster. If they can learn to slow the game down and take care of the football they will be improved by the playoffs.

F&F (42) vs. Fun and Gun (24)

Boobie Miles (13) vs. F&F (26)

Boobie Miles is a good first year team. Family and Friends is a great franchise. They have played in the leagues best games and keep pressure on you at all times. Ed B. is a star and Craig C. is very good, but the talent is not consistent. There were too many dropped balls and miscommunications to beat F&F.


Chargers (8) vs. Stallions (52)

The Stallions have too much experience on their roster this season to take any game lightly. ThClarence R. has his best receiver corps since the championship years and their defense is excellent. The chargers need to resolve their quarterback issue to bring out the best in their young receivers.

Boobie Miles (32) vs. Stallions (33) 

Instant overtime classic with all the chatter on facebook. The double header didn't help Boobie Miles but their team was not better. The Stallions have turned back the clock and have so many offensive weapons. Stallions GM has put together the fastest team in league history. They have one goal. Championship. 


Saints (13) vs. Silent But Deadly (21)

The Saints played their most complete game of the season but are still winless. Their quarterback shuffle has hurt their offensive production but they really miss "Double Me" and  "iPav" scoring touchdowns. The return of "Rabbit"  tighten up their defense but The Gov was not going to blow it and closed the deal.

Soul (18) vs. Saints (42)

The Soul came out flat and early turnovers don't allow them to get deep in Saints territory. They have one of the most reliable female players but they need to use her more. Randy H. has his best game at quarterback but  Fred R. could not get in a Rythym. The Magician is the team's best defensive player this season.

Silent But Deadly (9) vs. Bar (36)

Silent But Deadly have worked overtime to keep their number #1 preseason tournament ranking. The Bar is almost impossible to beat when they jump out to a 16-0 lead on their first 2 possessions. S.B.D. does have enough team speed or “game changers” to scare the Bar. S.B.D. loses their #1 ranking after loss.

Soul (6) vs. New World Order (27)

New world Order was all business after 2 straight losses. Brandon F. is a solid QB with talented receivers. The Soul was hoping to rebound earlier loss. Granfort R. has talent but needs help to get to the next level. N.W.O. has a good rotation of females on offense and take deep shots downfield.


Bar (33) vs. Takeover (6)

The Bar had a point to prove against Takeover as they continued to dominate all their opponents. "Big" and "All eyez on me". create matchup problems but the Bar forced them to play catch-up early in the game. Their new quarterback has talent but it is tough to find open receivers against their defense.


New World Order (6) vs. Takeover (14)

The winner of this game came down to end zone efficiency. The only New World Order touchdown came on a defensive touchdown by Jeff P. Takeover relies on the short pass underneath to their female Tracee S. and deep passes to their big targets. N.W.O.'s offense has started slow down after their fast start.


Boobie Miles (44) vs. USLI (16)

USLI lost their quarteback early in the game and never recovered. Their female players will keep them in games but their male receivers have not been to able get in sync. Dave F. missed the frst game and came back strong this game. He intercepted his 10th pass of the season and is an defensive MVP candidate.