Fall 2012 Week 3 Scores and Highlights

09/24/2012 07:20


Week 3 Schedule and Results


Fun & Gun (14) vs. Boobie (44)

Fun and Gun have been tested early and they are having fun but their need more firepower. Their defense has a lot of holes right now and there is not easy fix. Ed B. and Chris F the warriors have enough speed for 2 teams. Chris F. already has 8 interceptions without having to worry about the quarterback position.


Stallions (28) vs. Shockers (0)


The Stallions have officially turned over their roster. The Big 3 plus Nate R. give them too many weapons to count. All they need now are shirts. The Shockers have not been able to handle success. They have not been complete for one game and it shows. The Cobra continues to spit venom but can't do it alone.

Chargers (6) vs. F&F (56)


Difficult to win when you are missing consistent players. They have faced some tough teams out the gate so their is light at the end of the Tunnel. F&F are taking the regular season games serious this Year. B Luva  took over the game and scored 6 touchdowns. The F&F ladies pack a dangerous one two punch.


Silent But Deadly (8) VS. New World Order (6)

The early morning games are normally make it tough for teams to get theri offenses going. New World Order kept the game close but could not finish against the #1 Ranked team in the league. NWO will get anoyher shot at "The Gov" who has put all his chips into to gamble on getting his second championship.

Takeover (21) vs. Soul (6)


The Soul can compete when they focus their team. Fred R. is starting to shake off the rust is getting back to his 49ers days. The Takeover have to be the surprise team of the league despite having one lost they are finally able to compete with the elite teams. They have a chance to go deep in the playoffs.

Bar (28) vs. Saints (6)


The Bar continues to improve while the other teams in their path take a step backwards. The Saints have not adjusted to their Quarterback switch and it is the absence of "iPav" and their female players have hurt their offensive capabilities. The Bar has refined their game to a fine wine and a ready to pop bottles.


Chargers (18) vs. USLI


The Chargers played back to back games against a tough bulldog team finding their in their inaugural season. Their full roster is starting to come every week and the talent is there to win. The Chargers need a solution at QB but they need to stick with their tandem Eryk T. and Jerome B. and get a plan for defense.