Fall 2011 Week 5 Power Rankings

10/09/2011 18:40
  1. Patriots – It took a Hail Mary to win but they won. WOW
  2. Ravens – Spoile the return of Revis! Next time knock it down!
  3. F&F – Some family took the week off and did not skip a beat
  4. Bar – Viper was back in command and Silkly missed you!
  5. SBD – The offensive production is slowly down. Gov ok?
  6. Saints – Consistency on both sides keeps them marching
  7. Team America – Trying to get the stars and stripes flying
  8. Stallions – The Blue and Orange is back! How y'all feel?!
  9. Dragons – Lost some of their fire this week but will rebound
  10. Ex-Presidents – Showed proof of life. Where is the GM?
  11. Green Machine – Tough lose this week need to recircuit