Fall 2011Week 6 Power Rankings

10/17/2011 22:12


  1. F & F: They are running a tab at the Bar’s expense. They may have their number.
  2. Ravens: Some inexperienced players,but plenty of talent.
  3. Patriots: Too many head cases! Paging Dr. Greg.
  4. Bar: Their franchise would be undefeated if not for F & F.
  5. Dragons: This could be the turning point in their season
  6. SBD: Dr. Jeckyll  and Mr. Hyde. Will the real SBD please stand up
  7. America: New QB again, but plenty of weapons to win every week.
  8. Saints: Showing progress, right now toughest team to beat
  9. Stallions:  The weapons are there, but they need better defense
  10. Ex-Presidents: Nothing special about their play. They need a spark
  11. Green Machine: This machine may need WD-40 to get cranking