Week 8 Scores and Highlights

05/15/2011 20:00

Week 8 - Scores and Highlights

Warriors (28) vs. Heat (21)

Niners (13) vs. SBD (32)
Ravens (0) vs. Dragons (6)
Team America (20) vs. F&F (26)
Patriots (14) vs. The Bar (60)

Warriors (28) vs. Heat (21)

F& F win third game in a row against tough Team America.

F & F captured their second straight win and climbed above .500 with a 26-20 defeat of Team America. The teams exchanged touchdowns early on as  both Shadeed R. and Scott C. hauled in touchdown catches. F & F would score on their next two drives to take a 18-6 halftime lead when Shadeed R. and Andrew C. scored touchdowns. In the second half, Team America scored on their opening drive when Bob D. was on the receiving end of a Scott C. pass. F & F would answer again with Shadeed R.'s third touchdown of the game to take a 24-13 commanding lead. Team America would close the gap late  in the game with an interception return by Bob D., but F & F held on for the victory. Danielle S. and Pat C. provided support for Team America while Joshua J. added an extra point for F & F.

Danielle S: 3 Rec (America)
Shadeed R.: 3 rec TD (F&F)


SBD (32), Niners (13)

SBD capture 2nd place and defeat a lackluster Niners team.

SBD climbed into second place in the UMPR standings by handing the Niners their second loss of the season. In the first half, each team would score on sustained drives. Matt H. capped SBD'S opening drive with a touchdown catch while Gene scored for the Niners. The Niners would take a halftime lead of 13-6 when Bryan H. caught a touchdown pass. Casey P. added the extra point. In the second half, SBD's offense exploded for 24 points as the Niners struggled to move the ball. Shareef added a touchdown run and reception to make the score 18-13. Jeremy D. scored the next two touchdowns for SBD to close the game out. Jen M. had four receptions for SBD while Casey P. , Nate R., and Erik M.  all had standout performances for the Niners.


Shareef K: 2 recTD (SBD)
Gene P: 1 recTD (Niners)

Warriors (28) vs. Heat (21)

Warriors defeat Heat and earn their first non-forfeit victory in the league.

The Warriors edged out the Heat 28-24 to be the first of  two teams to capture their second win. The Warriors jumped out to  a 28-8 first half lead with a well balanced attack. John G., Chris M., and Dominique M. all scored as Dave F. kept the offense under control. The Heat had
a turnover on their first play of the game but scored on their second possession when Dan R. threw a touchdown pass. In the second half, the Heat made adjustments and surged back into the game. The Heat scored on the first drive when Brandon scored his first touchdown with the Heat. Rafee C. added an interception and touchdown to bring the Heat within seven points. The Warriors would convert a crucial fourth down play to close the game out. Lauren had four catches, four tackles, 1 sack and a two point conversion for the Heat. Dominique M. had a 30 yard TD, six catches and four tackles for the Warriors.

Dominque R.: 1 rec TD, 6 rec, 4 tackles (Warriors)
Lauren L. : 1-2xpt, 1 sack, 4 rec, 6 tackles (Heat)

Ravens (0) vs. Dragons (6)


Patriots (14) vs. The Bar (60)

The Bar dominate the Patriots in Super Flag Bowl V rematch.

In a rematch of last season's championship game, The Bar made a statement by defeating the Patriots 60-14. The Patriots looked ready to play at the start of the game when the Bar's first offensive series resulted in an interception by Kyle P. The Patriots would give the ball right back when Hank B. was intercepted by Eric A. after a Chuck D. touchdown reception, the Bar would  score on two interceptions and their next three offensive series. Bryan M., Sean Dhue, and Mark S. all found the endzone to give the Bar a 40-0 halftime lead. The Patriots struggled with defensive coverage and turnovers. In the second half, Hank B. found Marlon P. for a touchdown and a two point conversion to give the Patriots their first points of the game. The teams would exchange touchdowns after a QB scramble by back up QB Chuck D. and a touchdown pass by TeeJ. The Bar would close out the scoring with a Sean D. TD catch and Sean Dhue interception.

Mark S.: 1 IntTD, 1 2xpt  (Bar)
Marlon P.: 1 recTD, 1 2xpt (Patriots)