Spring 2012 Week 6 Scores and Highlights

05/28/2012 12:54

Week 6 Games


Chargers (14) vs. Warriors (48)

The Warriors bounced back from their week 5 loss with a commanding victory over the Chargers. The Warriors kept pressure on the Chargers the entire game as seven Warriors players scored points in the game. Dave F. threw 7 touchdown passes as several Warriors scored their first touchdowns of the season. John P., Carolin L., and Satish had touchdown receptions. Three Warriors converted two-point conversions. Darren for the Chargers found the reliable combination of Mitch S. and Mitch G. for touchdowns.  Despite the win, The Warriors are out of contention for the AFFC conference title but can still qualify for a number 2 seed in the playoffs. The Chargers face the Green Machine in Week 7.

Jerome (Chargers:  1-2XPT
Caroline L. (Warriors): 1-TD rec.

Dragons (6) vs. Shockers (32)

The Shockers moved one victory closer to the AFFC title with a convincing defeat of the Dragons. The Shockers defense fueled the victory with five interceptions, two returned by Lavelle T. for touchdowns. Shockers QB Rodney F. threw three touchdown passes, two to rookie Mike C. and one to Joe C. as the Shockers allowed only six points. Phil H. and Bill also had interceptions for the Shockers Defense. Chris C. had the only touchdown for the Dragons.

Chris C. (Dragons):  1 TD Rec.
Joe C. (Shockers): 1 TD Rec.

Hostile Takeover (21) vs. Soul (26)

The Soul captured their second victory of the season with an infusion of energy and defense. With the return of former F&F receiver Mike L., the Soul scored their highest point total of the season. The soul jumped out to a 20-14 first half lead fueled by two Mike L. touchdown receptions and an extra point. Hostile takeover would answer with touchdowns from veterans Marlon and Kyle. In the second half, Tare drove Hostile Takeover near the goal line but a 4th down pass to Marlon could not get them into the end zone. Taz G. threw another female touchdown pass for Hostile Takeover and Casey added an extra point for the Soul. Granford R. had another standout performance for the Soul with three interceptions and two touchdowns. With the victory, the Soul will not have a winning season, but have any opportunity for a 4th or 5th seed in the playoffs.

Marlon P. (Hostile takeover):  1 2XPT
Mike L. (Soul):  2 TD Rec., 1 XPT

Green Machine (14) vs. Ravens (35)

The Ravens qualified for the AFFC title game in week 7 against the Shockers with a defeat of the Green Machine. The captains for both teams lead by example in the first half as Ron V. for the Ravens had a touchdown run, pass, and reception while Eric H for the Green Machine caught a touchdown pass. Austin M. for the Ravens also had a touchdown catch and two point play to give the Ravens a 22-6 lead. In the second half,  Ron V. ripped off his second touchdown run of the game with Brittany W. and Quaddir "Ace'" adding points. Buck D. had the only points for the Green Machine in the second half with a touchdown reception and two point play. Defensively, Chris M. for the Green Machine and Quaddir for the Ravens each had two interceptions.

Buck D. (Green Machine):  1 TD rec., 1-2XPT
Austin M (Ravens):  1 TD Rec, 1-2XPT


SBD (6) vs. Wolverines (0)

SBD win their fourth game of the season move to second place NFFC with forfeit victory over the Wolverines. SBD can secure a second place seed in the NFFC with a Week 7 victory over the Bar.

Bar (34) vs. Saints (0)

The Bar capture the first NFFC title and secure the #1 seed in the playoffs with a shutout victory over the Saints . The Bar pressured the Saints with defense for two halves. In the first half, six Bar players scored points including a Chuck D. touchdown run and Jonah H. touchdown reception to make the score 28-0. Saints QB Mark C. was sacked five times and threw three interceptions. Sean D. led all scorers with 2 touchdowns and Rafee C. stepped in on defense a recorded 4 sacks. Alex P. relieved Chuck D. late in the game and threw a touchdown pass.

Jonah H. (Bar):  1 TD Rec, 1 INT
Tom (Saints):  1 INT

F&F (6) vs. Team America (0)

F&F won their third straight game of the season and moved their record to .500 with a forfeit victory over the Saints. After losing David J. to retirement, team America had two female players but not enough male players. UMPR players from the Bar and the Warriors filled in to play an exhibition game in in which F&F won 32-6. Braheem threw six touchdown passes to five different players. Brandon “B-Luva” had two touchdowns, a two point conversion, and an interception return. MVPs Chuck D. and Danielle S. connected for Team America’s only score in the game. With the victory, F&F can end the season with a winning record while team America has secured a losing season.

Loretta P (F&F):  1 TD rec.
Danielle S(Team America):  1 TD rec.

Dolphins (46) vs. Stallions (16)

The Dolphins held the Stallions scoreless in the first half in a  34-16 victory over former teammate Ryan “Big Sexy” F. In the first half Scott M. ran for two touchdowns and Colin N. caught three extra points as the Dolphins jumped out to a 27-0 first half lead. The Dolphins intercepted Clarence R. three times, returning one for a touchdown. In the second half the Stallions put together two scoring drives with Brett and Ryan K. touchdown receptions. Mark E. and Roneer each converted two point plays for the Stallions. Gary D., Raheem M., and Nate caught touchdowns with the victory. With the loss, the Stallions missed an opportunity to secure the second seed in the playoffs and must now wait until week 7 to secure their playoff seed.

Eric M. (Dolphins):  1 TD rec, 1 INT TD
Ryan K. (Stallions):   1 TD rec.