Spring 2011 Week 6 Power Rankings

04/27/2011 13:34

Week 6 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar, The league can breathe a bit earlier they were on a "bye week". 1
#2 SBD: There is a correlation of when they win; the refereeing is great! When the lose they call and emergency meeting with the league. Go figure, you can't deny them like the Jeffersons they are "moving on up". 3
#3 Stallions: The 49ers pregame show got them "fired up". Beware of those mighty Stallions. Focused. 5
#4 49ers: Maybe they should have saved the "pony express show" for the post game. Still tough 2
#5 Patriots: They can't referee and play. Pick one and stick with it. Their players know the rule book better than the playbook. 4
#6 Dragons, Held on for "dear life". A schizophrenic team. Slow and steady along with staying positive are helping them. 6
#7 Friends & Family: The "friends" won without the "family". Starting QB bails out! 7
#8 Team America: Showing signs of a recovery, like the economy. 9
#9 Heat: Depleting roster. All interested players inquire within. 8
#10 Warriors: Keep playing hard. Something good wil come out of this. 10
#11  Ravens, The will have it together by the playoffs. Key free agent pick up, might have added the leadership that was needed. 11