Spring 2011 Week 5 Power Rankings

04/11/2011 16:19


Week 5 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar, Let's just say UMPR dynasty! Will they ever lose? 1
#2 49ers, As stated previously, they might be the only team left that can beat The Bar. Their aggressiveness in the "off season" and free agency is paying off.  Playing the rookies and sitting the veterans. 2
#3 SBD, Glimpses of the SBD of old before The Bar entered the league. 4
#4 Patriots, No GM-No Problem! Platooning the QB's, new defensive schemes and creative play calling seems to be working. 5
#5 Stallions, A few costly mistakes, still a force in the league. 3
#6 Dragons, Dragons, Great team in the bye week. Great grilling, Thanks! 6
#7 F & F, Focusing more on the field and not the mistakes of their QB and the refs will definitely help them.  This is no "powder puff" league as previously stated in the pre-season prior to joining. The PFF Gods must have heard and are unforgiving. Was the pre-season #1 ranking by Gordon G a mistake? 7
#8 Heat,  Their roster is filled with talent, now changing the QB. We wil see.... 8
#9 Team America, Settling for not winning. 6
#10 Warriors, Solid play today. Who did they play? 11
#11  Ravens, No show, maybe the youngest team in the league has thrown in the towel. 10