Fall 2011 Week 3 - Power Rankings

09/25/2011 16:06
  1. SBD: Impressive on offense and defense will be tought to beat
  2. Patriots: They are just that good and focused on the prize!
  3. F & F: Attention! Their female has arrived! Hide Yo Husbands!
  4. The Bar: Soft part of schedule is over...now the real games begin
  5. Saints: Hammer could not turn this mutha out this week.
  6. Ravens: Finally getting better but have not been tested yet.
  7. Team America: Tons of weapons but too inconsistent to win
  8. Dragons: Last minute comback has finally ignited their fire.
  9. Stallions: Struggling to keep horses in the stables. Where's twitter?
  10. Green Machine: Offense is starting to make plays and cash in!
  11. Ex-Presidents: Despite the 2 losses Utah is unstoppable at safety