Week 1 Power Rankings

09/13/2011 06:05
  1. SBD: Locked in and Loaded with the Governator (last week #3)
  2. Patriots:  The Dream Team avoided a nightmare, They better Wake Up! (last week #1
  3. Friends & Family: Still the Champs, at least for now. (last week #2)
  4. The Bar: The Jury is still out on the roster changes? (last week #4)
  5. Saints: Can't Touch this! with the Hammer (last week #5)
  6. Team America: A Class Act all the way...... (last week #7)
  7. Ravens:  Learning to fly with Kevin Flynn (last week #6)
  8. Dragon: Signs of Life with the First Lady (last week #9)
  9. Ex Presidents: The cabinet is assembled and ready to go... (last week #10)
  10. Stallions: C Rich$ will right the ship (last week #11)
  11. Green Machine: Tons of Talent, they will improve. (last week #8)
  12.  Heat:  The pilot light is almost out (last week #12)