Spring 2012 Week 1 Scores and Highlights

03/19/2012 17:35


Week 2 Results


Sunday, 3/25/12

Warriors (40) vs. Ravens (26)

The Warriors win their second straight game in the AFFC by giving the Ravens their first loss of the season. Warriors QB Dave F. used his legs to tear off two touchdown runs. He threw touchdown passes to Ian G. and Mark C. The Ravens debuted female QB April B. on several possessions and she threw two touchdown passes. Ron V., Austin M. and Nasser I scored for the Ravens. The Warriors scored over 40 points for the second straight week.
    - Dave F. (Warriors) - 5 TD passes
    - April B. (Ravens) - 2 TD passes

Soul (0) vs. Shockers (26)

The Shockers jumped to first place in the AFFC with a shutout win over the Soul. Shockers rookie Rodney F. threw three touchdown pass and a had a touchdown run in the victory. UMPR veterans Lavelle T. and Bill C. hauled in touchdown receptions. Ben E. for the Soul had 3 sacks.
    - Lavelle T. ( Shockers) - 1 TD rec, 1 XPT
    - Ben E. (Soul) - 3 sacks

Hostile Takeover (27) vs. Green Machine (40)

Green Machine secured theit first regulation victory with a 40-27 defeat of Hostile Takeover. QB Vince M.threw five touchdown passes as the Green Machine would hold a 19-13 halftime lead. Buck D. was the leading scorer for the Green Machine with two touchdowns. Chris H., Eric H., and Eric S. also had touchdowns for the Green Machine. Justin H. , Antoine M. and Adris R. would all catch touchdowns for Hostile Takeover, who now drop to 0-2.
    - Buck D. (Green Machine) - 2 TD rec.
    - Terez S. (Hostile Takeover)  4 TD passes

Dragons(6) vs. Chargers (13)

In a game that featured many rookie UMPR players, the Chargers would hold off a young Dragons team for their first UMPR vctory of the season. Rookie QBs Eric (Dragons) and Darren (Chargers) overcame many penalties in a hard played game. The Chargesr would jump out to a 13-0 lead when Darren and rookie female Jen each threw touchdown passes. Dragons veteran Fred P. would catch his second touchdown in two weeks to close the lead to seven but the Dragons could not find the endzone again. Chargers receiver Rick had a touchdown reception.
    - Fred P. (Dragons) - 1 TD rec.
    - Jen (Chargers)  1 TD pass.



Sunday, 3/25/12

Team America (26) vs. Stallions (21)

Team America would hold off the Stallions in a match up of two former league MVPs. Clarence R. and David J. would lead a mix of veterans and rookies that resulted in Team America capturing their first win of the season. The game was tied was a 14-14 at halftime after scores from UMPR veterans Danielle S., Sean C., Keama, and Mark E. In the second half, Sean C. and and rookie Brooklyn would score  touchdowns to seal the game for Team America. Clarence R. would throw two interceptions in the Stalllons first loss on the season.
    - Sean C. (Team America) - 2 TD rec, 1 INT
    - Keama. (Stallions) - 1 TD rec.

Dolphins (6) vs. Bar (49)

The Bar jumped to first place in the NFFC with a convincing win over the Dolophins. In a game in which  the Dolphins offense would struggle, Chuck D. for the Bar would throw six touchdowns to five receivers. Dolphins QB Scott M. would throw two interceptions, one of which was returned by Sean D. for a score. Rafee C. made his debut with Bar and scored a touchdown and an extra point. Josh H., Rafee C., and Bryan P. would score touchdowns. Eric M. had the only TD recpetion for the Dolphins
    - Sean (Bar) -1 TD rec., 1 XPT, 1 INT TD
    - Eric M. (SBD) - 1 TD rec

F&F(23) vs. SBD (30)

UMPR champions F&F loss their second game in a row to former champion SBD. Although F&F only could field six players , they stayed competitive in the game by keeping the score tied at 16-16 in the first half. In the second half, two interceptions by Josh "Bub" J. woulld give SBD scoring opportunities. SBD veterans Kira D., Tom and Chris would all have touchdown recpetions. "UMPR Fastest Man" Shadeed A. had two touchdown receptions to pace F&F. Mona for F&F caught two 2 point conversions.

    - Mona J. (F&F) - two 2XPT conversions

    - Dom R. (SBD) - 5 TD recs

Saint (45 ) vs. Wolverines* (SBD 14)

The Saints secured a forfeit win against the Wolverines but played SBD in a real time scrimmage. The Saints would defeat SBD 45-18. Mark "The Hammer" C. would throw seven touchdown passes to five receivers. Saints rookies Keith K. and Jack M. would score in the game and Tabitha T. had an interception. Jared B. had his second straight two touchdown performance. Dom R. would throw three touchdowns in the game, two to Matt H and one to TJ, who they acquired off waivers.
    - Mark C. (Saints) - 7 TD pass.
    - TJ (SBD) - 1 TD rec.