Spring 2013 Week 2 Power Rankings

04/15/2013 11:29

Week 2 Power Rankings

  1. Bar – Not their best showing but until they lose they are the champs.
  2. Silent But Deadly - The Commish predicts they will be 4-0 before first REAL challenge.
  3. Boobie Miles – Not quite sure the team believes in first year QB. He is solid but may not be enough to win the championship.
  4. New World Order – Kept the overachieving Outlaws in the game but stepped up on last drive. Brandon F. is making a name for himself in sophomore season.
  5. Stallions - No GM. Winning was no problem with backup veteran qb Scott M. He start for most teams in the league.
  6. Patriots – Work in Progress final using Big Men. Kevin F. was a sack machine.
  7. Shockers – Solid franchise that loves playing with each other. Benzo is back!
  8. Saints – Tough loss to the Shockers. Missing iPav and Bo at the slot position
  9. Fun & Gun – Really coming to have a good time, not on field but on the truck
  10. Warriors – Their defense will keep them in games. When forced to make throws QB looks confused.
  11. Free-Booters - First Franchise victory is always the toughest to get in this league. Congrats!
  12. Outlaws - Their QB is a young gun. We expect big things from Perez and Austin.
  13. USLI - They are playing tough defense but just need two complete halves to win.
  14. Ravens – Return of Sheen did not help. They are beaten and banged up. We predict they will not have a team by Week 5.