Spring 2012 Week 7 Scores and Highlights

06/04/2012 13:59

Week 7 Games


Warriors (34) vs. Soul (14)

The Warriors ended the Spring season with a third place AFFC seeding  by defeating the Soul. The Soul jumped on the scoreboard first when Granford R. scored his fourth touchdown of the season. The Warriors would respond with 34 straight points as the Warriors leading scorer, Ian F., would catch his 8th, 9th, and 10th touchdowns of the season. QB Dave F. scrambled for his eight touchdown run of the season, placing him a tie for the league best. Chris J., Chris M, and Chris N. Warriors intercepted and sacked the Soul in the second half. Dan F. and Satsh J. added  scoring for the Warriors in their fifth win of the season. The Soul would end the season with two wins for the Spring 2012 season.

Dan F. (Warriors):   1 TD rec
Grandford R. (Soul): 1-TD rec.


Hostile Takeover (35) vs. Dragons (13)

Hostile Takeover and the Dragons ended the Spring 2012 regular season with losing records as the Dragons lost their final game of the season. Rookie QB Terez S. threw five touchdown passes, two to David P. and Marlon P. The Hostile Takeover idefense ntercepted the Dragons three times as QB Eryk T. was only able to throw touchdowns to Justin L. and Jules. Takeover receivers justin H., Idris A. and Derek W. scored  extra points to complete the season with a 3-4 record. The Dragons lost all the their regular seasons for a 0-7 record.

Marlon P. (Hostile):   2 TD rec
Eryk T. (Dragons): 2 TD passes


Green Machine (26) vs. Charger (19)

The Green Machine secured their first franchise winning season (4-3) with a defeat of the Chargers (3-4 record). In a game that was close, the Green Machine Captain, Eric H., would lead his team to victory with two touchdown receptions. QB Vince M. threw four touchdown passes for the Green machine and CJ threw three touchdowns for the Chargers. Eric S., Ryan F., and Buck D. scored for  for the Green Machine. Marcus G. and Mark J. each scored touchdowns for the Chargers.

Ryan F. (Green Machine):   1 TD rec., 1 Sack
Marcus G. (Chrgers): 1 TD rec.


Ravens (20) vs. Shockers (18)

The Ravens gave the Shockers their first loss of the season and captured the first AFFC title. The Ravens would hold a one point 13-12 half time lead fueled by two Rasheen touchdown catches. QB Rod F. and Lavelle T. would score for the Shockers in the first half. Eli B. would pressure the Ravens QB with four sacks as the Shockers held a 18-13 in the final minutes of the game. The Ravens would drive the ball and score with a Nas I. touchdown catch. With time ticking away the Shockers moved the ball into the redzone and on third and gender had one opportunity to score. A Lauren C. pass would miss the mark as the Ravens held on for the victory.

Nas I. (Ravens):   1 TD rec.
Andrew (Shockers): 1 TD rec.



Stallions (6) vs. Wolverines (0)

The Stallions secured a second place playoff seeding  and 4-3 Spring 2012 record with a forfeit victory over the Wolverines.

F&F (40) vs. Dolphins (13)

After a 0-3 start, F&F won their fourth game of the season and ended the season with a winning record after defeating the Dolphins. F&F set the pace on the first play of the game by intercepting the Dolphins and scoring on  three of their four first half posessions. Josh J., Shadeed A, and Shariff would score in the first half for F&F. In the seond half Brandon would score two touchdowns to seal the victory for F&F. Nate and Colin would score points for the Dolphins in the loss. Braheem threw six touchdown passes  including extra points to Jacquess J., Andrew J., and Josh J.

Josh J. (F&F):   3 TD rec
Nate (Dolphins): 1 Td rec., 1 INT.


Bar (37) vs. SBD(27)

The Bar ended the Spring 2012 season undefeated by defeating SBD. Rafee C.scored eight of the Bar's twenty first half points when he caught a touchdown and two extra points. Eric A. and Alex  P.added touchdown catches to give the Bar a 20-6 lead. Garrit scored the only SBD touchdown in the first half. In the second half, SBD outscored the Bar 25-17 when Matt H., Nick G., and Gary hauled in touchdown receptions from Dom R.. Bar QB Chuck D. would run for his second touchdown of the season and throw two scores to Marcus J. and Eric A.

Alex P. ( Bar):   1 TD rec., 1 Sack
Greg (SBD): 1 TD rec., 1 INT.

Saints(6) vs. America(0)

The Sains ended the season with a 4-3 record with a forfeit defeat of Team America. The teams would play a scrimmage in which the Saints would score 46 points. The Saints defense would record five interception and return two for touchdowns. Bryan H., Keith B., Ahmed, and Tabitha T. would all score for the Saints. Matt F. stepped in at QB for Team America and threw two touchdowns. Team America ends the season with a 2-4 record and 7th seed in the NFFC.
Keith B. ( Saints):   4 TD., 2 INT TD
Matt F. (Team America):  2 TD pass


Week 7 Games


Warriors (34) vs.Soul (6)
Takeover (35) vs. Dragons (13)
Green (26) vs. Chargers (19)
Ravens (20) vs. Shockers (18)


Stallions (6) vs. Wolverines (0)
F&F (40) vs. Dolphins (13)
Bar (37) vs. SBD (27)
Saints (6) vs. America (0)