Spring 2012 Week 3 Scores & Highlights

04/05/2012 11:13

Week 3 Scores & Highlights


Sunday, 4/1/12

Warriors (38) vs. Dragons (12)

The Warriors continue to start the 2012 season undefeated with a convincing win over long time UMPR franchise the Dragons, who remain winless. Warriors QB Dave F. had multiple touchdown runs for the second consecutive week. He also threw three touchdown passes to Satish, Chris M. and Ian J. After falling behind 18-0 in the first half, the Dragons found some offense with veteran Justin at QB. Rookie Matt .B caught two touchdowns and Jules had 3 sacks for the dragons in the losing effort. Mark and Lashaune played solid defense with an interception and two sacks respectively.

Justin (Dragons) - 2 TD passes   
Ian I (Warriors) - 1 TD rec, 1 XPT

Green Machine (7) vs. Shockers (33)

The Shockers jumped to 3-0 and remain in first place of AFFC with a 33-7 defeat of Green Machine. Rookie QB Rod F. threw four touchdown pass and had a touchdown run in the victory. UMPR veterans Lauren B., Lavelle T. caught touchdown passed and Eli had seven sacks in the game. Rookies Reggie B. and Joe added touchdowns for the Shockers. The Green Machine struggled on both sides of the ball and managed only one score and committed multiple turnovers.

Vince M. (Green Machine) - 1 TD pass
Reggie B. Shockers - 2 TD rec/ 2 XPT

Ravens (54) vs. Soul (13)

The Ravens post a league season league high of 54 points in a victory over the Soul. With over eight players recording point in the game, the Ravens forced the Soul to commit five turnovers, two resulting in scores. Rookies Imowo U., scored touchdowns and veterans Rasheen G. and Ron V. each intercepted passed for touchdowns. Rookie April B.  threw two touchdown passes for the second consecutive week. After trailing 27-0 late in the first half, Fred R. stepped in at QB and gave the Soul their first points with a touchdown run. Granford J. would add another touchdown for the Soul in the loss.

Ron V. (Ravens) - 1 TD pass, 1 TD rec,1 INT TD, 1XPT
Fred R (Soul) - 1 TD pass, 1 TD run

Chargers (28) vs. Hostile Takeover (33)

Hostile Takover secured their first franchise win in a defeat of the Chargers. In a game that was close until the final seconds, captain Justin H. hauled in the winning touchdown reception. The teams played to a 14-14 tie at halftime. Chargers  Marcus and Darren both threw touchdown passes. Takeover Quarterback Tarez S.threw touchdown passes to Kyle P., Greg M. and Antoine M.

Justin H. (Hostile Takeover) - 2 TD rec,1 XPT
Jerome B. (Chargers) - 1 TD pass


Sunday, 4/1/12

Saints (26) vs. Dolphins (16)

The Saints remain unbeaten in the NFFC with a 26-16 defeat of the Dolphins. After jumping out to a 14-0 advantage at halftime,  the Saints would never trail. Both teams would combine for nine turnovers, with Eric M of the Dolphins. catching three interceptions. The Saints Mark C. threw four touchdown passes, two to Randy H. The Dolphins scored all their points in the second half with Nate, Gary D. , and Rich L. having touchdown receptions. Dave C. and Bo. S. also scored for the Saints offense.

Randy H. (Saints) - 2 TD rec.
Eric M. (Dolphins) - 3 INT

Silent But Deadly (18) vs. Stallions (19)

In a matchup of classic UMPR rivals, the Stallions would score late in the game to defeat SBD. Without captain Dom R., Craig C. would step in at quarterback and throw touchdown passes to Gary J., Kira A. and Matt H. to take a 18-7 halftime lead. In the second half, the Stallions would come back with touchdown passes by Clarence R.to  Brett and Ryan K. Captain Devon C. would secure the win with the winning extra point.

Craig C. (SBD) - 3 TD pass
Ryan K. (Stallions) - 1 TD rec

Wolverines/Green Machine (7) vs. Team America (47)

Team America jumped to one game above .500 with a  47-7 defeat of the Green Machine, who replaced the Wolverines in a scrimmage. Dave J. three four touchdown passes. Kevin G. Team America had a touchdown run and interception return. Danielle S. , Matt F. and "Google Me" would all score for Team America. Buck D. was the leading scorer for the Green Machine with two touchdowns.

Kevin G. (Team America) - 1 TD run, 1 INT TD
Bob D. (Team America) - 1 TD rec, 2 XPT

Bar (33) vs. Family and Friends (12)

The Bar secured their first franchise win over F&F and remain in first place in the NFFC. With the return of Braheem at QB for F&F, the teams would play to a 6-6 halftime score. In the seond half, the Bar would score the next three touchdowns when Sean D., Rafee C. and Laura L. would find the endzone. Eric A. and Sean D each had interceptions for the bar. Shadeed A. and Josh J. scored for F&F, who fall to 0-3.

Rafee C. ( Bar) - 2 TD rec
Josh J (F&F) - 1 TD rec