Spring 2011 Week 7 Power Rankings

05/10/2011 09:04

Week 7 Power Rankings


Current Rank   Last Week
#1 The Bar: The "Warriors", the "referees", and a  "hangover" could not stop the Bar.They keep rolling! Thanks for showing up Viper! 1
#2 SBD: Silent in the first half, but Deadly in the second half. A horse that was put to sleep is all the evidence we need. We may be looking at a BAR vs. SBD title game. Please league don't worry there will be plenty of security! 2
#3 49ers: 49ers - Even without their captain "Steady Freddie", the "PRITZESS" cruise ship keeps on sailing. 4
#4 Stallions: Stallions - Tough loss this week. If it wasn't for their three losses , they would be undefeated. Has "outside the lines" been cancelled? 3
#5 Friends & Family: Friends and Family -  It was a reunion, "friends and family" finally got together and cancelled their Patriot PECO bill. 7
#6 Dragons: Dragons - Despite the tough loss, the Dragons are still breathing fire 6
#7 Team America: They assassinated Bin Laden and the Ravens in Operation Freedom. The game was technically over before the Ravens showed up for the forfeit. 8
#8 Patriots: Another loss might have QB Hank Brown shopping for his third team this season. Who's playing QB Hank Brown or Hank Baskett? A word of advise regarding the play calling (K.I.S.S.) Keep it Simple Studs. 5
#9 Warriors: They finally coming out to play! 10
#10 Heat:  Has the three weeks off put them on simmer ? They could use the time to get healthy. Stay tuned... 9
#11  Ravens: Ravens - They still can run the table and stay winless. 11