Spring 2011 Week 2 Scores and Highlights

03/20/2011 08:51

Warriors (14) vs. F&F (22)  "The Rookie Bowl I"
Dragons (32) vs. Heat (25)  "The Fire Bowl"
The Bar (26) vs. Stallions (18)
Patriots (0) vs. Team America (33)  "The USA Bowl"
Ravens (12) vs. SBD (49)

Warriors (14) vs. F&F (22)  "The Rookie Bowl I"
F&F comeback with less than 2 minutes less and defeat the Warriors to win first league game.


F&F and Warriors play their first game against each other. Dave J. is the QB of the f&f while Chris Mc is the QB of the Warriors. The Warriors scored first with a TD catch by Chris M. "Certified" to take a 6-0 lead. The 2 point conversion made it 8-0. F&F answered back with a TD pass to make the score 14-8 at halftime. Tough defense was the story of the 2nd half. Chris J. intercepted the ball returned it 60 yards. The Warriors tied the score with 2 minutes left to create a 14-14. F&F drove down the field and got the go ahead touchdown and two point conversion.

Quote of the Week #1

We do our playing on the field. We are not a bunch of facebook flunkies"

Dave J., F&F


Dave J. - 3 PaTd (F&F)
Chris J. - 1 PaTd, 1 IntTD (Warriors)

Dragons (32) vs. Heat (25)  "The Fire Bowl"
The Heat avoid the tie and come up short on 2 point conversion. The Dragons win first game of the season.

The Heat jumped out to a 7-0 lead when Dan R. threw a TD pass to #20. and Eli B. caught the 1pt conversion. The Dragons quickly got 6 points when Marc C. ran in for a TD. #20. caught his second TD pass of the half to make the score 13-7. Jared D. caught his 1st TD of the game and Skief D. caught the 1 point conversion. The score was tied 13-13. The Dragons began to pull away with 2 scores to increase their lead to 26-13. The Heat rallied back and scored 19 points with less than 5 minutes in the game. On the Dragons next possesion Walid A. intercepted the ball and got the ball deep in Dragon territory. The Heat scored their 25th point of the game with 1 minute left and decided to go for the 2pt Conversion. Bill D. caught the ball on the 5 yard and Miguel G. grabbed the game saving flag to stop him at the 2 yard line. The Dragons held on to win 32-25!

Dan R. 4 PaTD (Heat)
Marc C. 1 RuTD, 4 PaTD

The Bar (26) vs. Stallions (18)
The Bar defeat the Stallions and continue 15 game winning streak. Stallions lose first game of the season.


The Stallions scored first against the Bar on a 40 yard Td Pass from Clarence R. to Marc E. The failed 2pt conversion made the score 6-0. A touch down catch by Eric A. and 2pt. conversion by Bryan P. gave the Bar the 8-6 lead. Bryan p. caught the next TD catch from Larry W. to make the score 14-6 at halftime. sean Dvn. caught the next TD pass and gave the Bar a 20-6 lead late in the second half. Chris M. td reception brought the stallions within 8 points. On their next possession a short screen to Sean Dvn. resulted in 60 yard td reception and 26-12 lead. Tyron F. scored the finale point of the game with less than a minute to go in the game. The final score was 26-18.

Sean Dv. - 3 Rec, 3 Scks, 1ReTD (Bar)
Clarence R. - 3 PaTd (Stallions)

Quote of the Week #2

"$100 I spent on these nice uniforms and league fee I could have gone to church and paid my tithes and offering. I feel like God is punishing me."

Georgia, Stallions


Quote of the Week #3

The Bar have 3 QBs and your teams can't get one. If any teams want one we are gonna start a loan program.

Chica, The Bar

Patriots (0) vs. Team America (33)  "The USA Bowl"

Team America wins America's Cup and dominate the Patriots who get shutout for the first time in their history.

Team America dominated the patriots with a full roster and 3 exciting female players. Sean C. caught their first TD of game. Pat D. caught 2nd Td of the season and Sean C made the 2pt conversion to give Team America the 14-0 lead. Patriots were not able generate much offense with Greg M. at QB. The score at halftime was 21-0. Bob D. caught and threw a TD to pass to captain Chris C in the second half to shutout the patriots 33-0. Tim M. caught 5 receptions and recorded no sacks.

Bob D.- 1 ReTd, 3 PaTd
Tim M. - 5 ReTd

Ravens (12) vs. SBD (49)

Silent But Deadly score the highest points of the season against the Ravens who drop to 0-2 after 2nd game.

Dom R. ran for a TD on the first play of the game. On SBD's next possesion Dom R. drove the team deep in Ravens territory and ran in his second TD of the game. With the score 12-0 the Ravens got the scoredboard to pull within 6 points. On the Ravens next possession Dom R. Intercepted the ball and took a 18-6 lead with a TD pass and xpt conversion to Kira D. and JD. The score at halftime was 26-6. SBD pulled away with 2 TDs to Shareef K. and Matthew H. The Ravens scored their last points of the game with a 60 yard pass to D. Carter. Gus J. had 3 sacks on the day. The final score was 49-12.

Dom R. - 2 RuTd, 5 PaTD
Derrick C. - 1 ReTd