Fall 2011 Week 2 - Power Rankings

09/18/2011 20:22
  1. SBD: In Stealth Mode, they are playing at top form. (Last week #1)
  2. Patriots: a.k.a Patriot Nation, Hard to beat with their experience (Last week #2)
  3. F&F: The Champ is still here, playing tough with only 6 players (Last week #3)
  4. The Bar: On road to redemption? Building a winning tradition. (Last week #4)
  5. Saints: Too Legit to Quit, Hammer has the team focused (Last week #5)
  6. Ravens: Back to back wins!!, This is Big Sexy's team now! (Last week #7)
  7. Team America: Need Stabilization plan, Have played consistent and it shows (Last week #6)
  8. Stallions: Their receivers are starting to emerge but miss Megatron. (Last week #10)
  9. Dragons: Not breathing fire yet, Not enough offense to win (Last week #8)
  10. Green Machine: Investing in their future, Played tough games this week. Getting on Track. (Last week #11)
  11. Ex-Presidents: Still in the "0"val office, Lost a tough one to the Ravens (Last week #9)