Fall 2011 Hall of Fame - Megatron: The Most Feared Receiver

11/08/2011 18:33

Megatron: The Most Feared Receiver


If you ask the newer players in the UMPR flag football league who is Megatron half the league will tell you that he is The Transformers Optimus Prime’s most unstoppable enemy. Any player who was in the league during the 2010 Spring and Fall season will tell you that it is the name of one the league's all time best receivers. Before “All Eyes on Me”, “DaMultimillion Dollar Kid” and “Double Me” there was Megatron aka Andre Johnson. During his career in the league, he was the most feared receiver to ever put on a flag belt. He wore number the #23 and dominated the flag football field like MJ dominated the hardwood. If you never got a chance to see him play then you missed watching greatness!

"There is no doubt that he invented and dominated the slot position during the Spring 2010 and Fall 2010" said the league's comissioner . When it was popular for players to run the "go route"  with Mark E. on the other side going deep, Megatron got the tough yards and many first downs.  He was a cross between the real Andre Johnson and Shannon Sharpe. There was no one in the league who could defend him one-on-one. He was big, strong, fast and NEVER dropped a pass unlike some of these current younger players who would rather think about their next "spin move" rather than securing the football.  Those receivers will remain nameless. Along with quarterback Clarence R., they gave the league their first great dynasty by winning back-to-back championships in undefeated seasons. While the Stallions were the most flamboyant and intimidating team in the league, Andre "Megatron" Johnson never asked for the spotlight. Everyone in the league respected him because he was a player of few words and let his play speak for itself. "The current crop of talented player could learn from Megatron's shining example" states the founder of the Stallions organization, Devon Chiddick. 

Aside from being a great player and teammate he also was a great family man. He often brought out his Wife and two sons to many league games and events to cheer him on.  He was an excellent role model for many of the younger players. He was a team player first and would do anything to help his team win. Even though the younger players in the league became more experienced he was still a standout receiver and continued to play at a high level.
Megatron quietly retired prior to the Fall 2011 season and he has no regrets. You can now get a glimpse of Meagatron on Sunday mornings playing the drums for his local church and serving the Lord.  There are plenty of teams that could use his talents, but the chances of him coming out of retirement are very slim. He appreciates his time in the league and keeps in touch with the league. He is impressed with the new teams and is hoping  that the Stallions long time rivals the Patriots win their first championship. Andre “Megatron” Johnson will be the first receiver to enter the UMPR Flag Football Hall of Fame preceded by former teammate cornerback Troy “McLovin” Cheely.
UMPR history will always remember Andre Johnson as a clutch receiver. The only argument that surrounded the consistent "Megatron" was whether or not he was a 1st or 2nd ballot Hall of Famer. Regardless, his classic overtime catch in the "Rain Bowl" cemented his induction into the UMPR Flag Football Hall of Fame. Megatron will join teammate McLovin in the UMPR Coed Flag Football Hall the Fame. They will be together forever. Congratulations!