Fall 2013 Week 5 Power Rankings

10/07/2013 09:54
  1. New World Order - The Truth! The females are fully integrated into the offense. Beware!
  2. Silent But Deadly - The Government shutdown! The Gov still gets the win with very low staff.
  3. Stallions - No C Rich - No Problem. WOW! Looks like the team were having fun this week.
  4. Ribhouse - Impressive win with only 6 players but cannot keep a consistent roster this year.
  5. Fun & Gun - Unexpected. They take their first loss with the backup QB. Unacceptable.
  6. Run For Cover - When Skeeno the quarterback he makes everyone one around him better.
  7. USLI - They have ultimate franchise QB but need to better utilize their players on offense.
  8. Honey badgers - Continue to push themselves and improve. They play hard every game.
  9. 1&1 - No easy victories in the league but they continue to make strides. Season is not over.
  10. Shockers - Need to be more aggressive on Offense and get those takeaways on defense.
  11. Vikings - Their offense has completely stalled. You can't get better if you blame referees.