Fall 2012 Week 7 Scores and Highlights

10/22/2012 06:21

Week 7

Boobie Miles (6) vs. Takeover (0)

Boobie Miles did not a play a tough opponent for three weeks straight and that may hurt them in the Playoffs. As a result though, they finish as the 3rd Seed in the NFFC and play the resurgent Chargers in a game that will have the winner face F&F to advance to the Super Flag Bowl IX Championships.

Stallions (32) vs. Saints (6)

The Stallions continue to improve and get better and show why they are the #1 ranked team in the league. The Saints have struggled but have playoff experience and will be ready. The Saints finish as the #6 ranked team in the AFFC and will play #3 New World Order. The Stallions are NFFC Champions.

Fun and Gun (19) vs. New World Order (13)


Fun and Gun have started get into a groove and began to tighten up their defense. New World Order got off to a fast start this season but have always been tough to beat. They were better in redozone but still need to improve. N.W.O. will be the #3 seed in the AFFC and Fun & Gun will be ranked 4th in the NFFC.

F&F (20) vs. Bar (52)

Bar are making one final run at a championship and played their long time rival F&F. The Bar were ready and win the AFFC champions. The F&F loss cost them the NFFC championship. F&F will play the winner the #6 Chargers vs. #3 Boobie Miles. Bar will play the winner of the #3 USLI vs. #5 Takeover.

Shockers (26) vs. SBD (33)

The Shockers have finally started to get ready for the playoffs and did not back down from Silent But Deadly. The Gov has had a very good season and his team is ready to get that 2nd Championship. The Shockers are looking for their first playoff win. SBD finish as the 2nd seed in the AFFC and play #7 Soul.

Chargers (35) vs. Soul (12)

The Chargers have been able to get their team solid after a rough start. They are on a two game winning streak and have some offensive firepower now. Look for the Chargers to play hard in the playoffs. They play Boobie Miles in the first round. The Soul may have found their answer at quarterback.

Soul (18) vs. USLI (58)

USLI has come a long way and they are the most improved team of the season. Their quarterback is dangerous and their defense is intense. The finish winless and the 8th seeded team in the AFFC. Soul will play #2 ranked SBD. USLI finishes ranked #4 in the AFFC and play the #5 ranked Takeover.