Fall 2012 Week 1 Scores and Highlights

09/13/2012 12:26

Fall 2012 Week 1 Scores and Highlights


Shockers (0) vs. Boobie Miles (30)

Boobie Miles came out in attack mode to take a 14-0. Shockers could not generate any offense with key players missing. Craig G. threw 4 td passes while the shockers were only able get one interception by Reggie B. but lose 30-0

  • Craig G. (Boobie) - 3 TD Pass
  • Reggie B. (Shockers) - 1 INT

Fun & Gun (38) vs. Chargers (8)

Fun & Gun quarterback Greg K. returned from a year hiatus. Matt R. Caught two touchdown receptions and Sean D. caught one to lead the game16-0 at halftime. Masekela M. caught his first league touchdown for the chargers only score.

  • Greg K. (Fun and Gun) - 2 TD Pass
  • Masekela M. (Chargers) - 1 TD Rec

F&F (28) vs. Stallions (21)

F&F took the 14-8 halftime on the Stalions. Clarence R. passed to jamilla P for the touchdown and 2pt conversion to the game close. In the second half Mona J. threw a td pass and Loretta P. caught a touchdown gave F&F the 28-21 victory.

  • Jacques J. - (F&F) 2 TD Rec
  • Jamilla P. (Stallions) - 1 TD Rec



Takeover (30) vs. Silent But Deadly (34)

Silent But deadly was able to gain a 20-12 lead at halftime. Takeover fought back and was able to outscore SBD 18-14 in the second half. It was not enough for the victory. SBD holds on to win 34-30 with three TD passes by Dom R.

  • Antoine M. (Takeover) - 1 TD Rec
  • Matt H. (SBD) - 3 TD Rec

Soul (0) vs. Bar (62)

The Bar dominated the soul with a balanced attack on offense. Alex P. thew and Chuck D. spilt the quarteback duties and threw 7 touchdowns to Five different receivers and their defense recorded to interceptions for touchdowns.

  • Eric A. (Bar) - 2 TD Rec, 1 Int TD
  • Laura A. (Bar) - 1 TD Rec

Saints (19) vs. New World Order (21)

Saints were losing 7-6 at halftime with new quarterback Joe K. Jeff P. recorded two touchdown receptions and two extra point conversions from rookie quarterback Aaron F. Three different saint receivers caught touchdowns but lose 21-19.

  • Jeff P. (NWO) - 2 TD Rec,2 Xpts
  • Joe K. (Saints) - 2 TD Pass


USLI (13) vs. New World Order (34)

The Bulldogs were playing in their first league game against another new franchise. Bulldogs kept the game close down 13-6 at halftime. Bradndon F. threw 3 touchdown passes to Urias C. Aaron F. recorded four touchdown passes in his second game.

  • Aaron F. (NWO) - 4 TD Pass
  • Shane (USLI) - 1 TD Rec