Fall 2011 Week 8 Score & Highlights

11/01/2011 07:38
  • Team America (0) vs. Ravens (6)
  • Stallions (32) vs. Patriots (7)
  • Bar (34) vs. Ex-Presidents (19)
  • SBD (12) vs. Patriots (18)
  • F&F (0) vs. Stallions (6)
  • Dragons (14) vs. Saints (28)
  • Green Machine (6) vs. SBD (46)

Team America (0) vs. Ravens (6)

The Ravens ended their franchise rejuvination with their sixth win of the season over a depleted Team America. Winning via forfeits, both teams played a five on five player scrimmage. Bryan M. stepped in at QB and had thre touchdown runs. Scott M. for the Ravens threw touchdowns to Nate R., Gary D., Ryan K. and Raheem M.,


Stallions (32) vs. Patriots (7)

The Stallions captured their fourth win of the season by defeating the Patriots 32-7. Without David J. at quaterback, Dan R. stepped in but could only generate one offensive touchdown. Clarence R. threw four touchdown passes and return an interception for a score. Mark E. was the leading Stallion with two touchdown catches.


Bar  (34) vs. Presidents (19)

The ended their third straight season as the number seed in the playoffs with a 34-19 win over Ex-Presidents, who completed their Fall season winless. After jumping out to 34-0 lead, the Bar cruised in for the victory. Chuck D. threw three touchdown passes. Laura L. for the bar had an interception, touchdown reception and a sack. the Bar defense collected six interceptions in the game.


SBD (12) vs. Patriots (18)

The Patriots locked the #3 seed in the UMPR playoffs with a 18-12 victory over SBD. Controlling the ball on offense and making timely turnovers, the Patriots took SBD out of their offensive flow. Ben J. return an interception on the first series of the game for a touchdown. He catch a touchdown on the next Patriots posession and Rafee C. added a touchdown to make the first half score 18-0. SBD would play catch up for te rest of the game. Dom R. woudl throw two touchdown pass to get within six points with less than two minutes, but the Patriots converted a crucial first down. With the loss, SBD slides to the fourth seed.

F&F (0) vs. Stallions (6)

With the second seed locked in place, F&F accepted the the forfeit win against the Stallions. With the win the Stallions claimed the seventh seed in the playoffs


Dragons (14) vs. Saints (28)

In a gain with no playoff consequences, The Dragons and Saints squared off in a Saints 28-14 victory. The Dragons fell behind 21-7 in the first half but could not gain the lead. Mark C. threw four touchdown passes and Stacey M. threw two. Jared B. was the leading scorer in the game. The Saints are seeded sixth in the playoffs and the Dragons are seeded ninth.


Green Machine (6) vs. SBD (46)

The Green machine showed out with a full team to complete their first season ina  46-6 loss SBD. SBD had five players score in the game. The Green Machine have the eleventh seed in the playoffs.