Fall 2011 Co-Ed All-Star Game (Stars vs. Stripes)

10/27/2011 19:52

The All-Star Game Festivities

  • The Stars vs. Stripes CoEd Flag Football All-Star game showcases the best players in the league.
  • Weather permitting Coach Freddy will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers during the game!
  • Please feel free to bring your favorite dessert or treat to the game to help us celebrate!

Fastest Man Competition

  • The Race begin at 12:45 p.m.

Happy Halloween!



  • Bar - Sean D., Mark S.
  • Dragons - Walid A. and Jules B.
  • Ravens - Eric M. and Nate R.
  • Patriots - Kyle P. and Rafee C.
  • Stallions - Mark E. and Kevin F.

Commisioner Picks

  • Eric A. (Bar)
  • Rasheen G. (Ravens)

Podcast Pick

  • Ben J. (Patriots)


  • F&F - Shadeed A. and Jacquees J.
  • Green Machine - Eric H. and Eric S.
  • Ex Presidents - Granfort R. and Bryan H.
  • Silent But Deadly - Matt W. and Matt H.
  • Saints - Jared B. and Bo S.
  • Team America - Sean C. and Bryan P.

Commisioner Picks

  • B. Luva (F&F)
  • Braheen M. (F&F)